In Dhaka city, you can enjoy variety kinds of transportation
which may not really comfortable, but must be fun, or at least interesting.

1. Rikshaw
The first option is Rikshaw which you can find almost anywhere on the street.

Once a boy asked me if I went to school by Rikshaw in Japan.
When I said Rikshaw won't be found there, he seemed surprised.

Rikshawara, waiting for customer
2. Local Bus
Of course, it is the cheapest way of transportation, but.....
You have to get on the bus which IS MOVING,
and have to get off the bus which IS MOVING.
Don't worry, you will get used to it soon.
get into the bus......
get ON the bus....?
3. CNG
It is like a taxi which has meter which has never been used.

4 people can get on, at maximum....if try hard
4. Walk
It doesn't cost, good for your health.
Sometimes, why don't you walk with seeing people, stores by your side?
People would stare at you, talk to you, may start walking together.



Unexpectedly, I got chance to stay at hospital.
I was sent to hospital because of dehydration.
I went through all the examinations, and nothing serious was found.
So....how is hospital life in Bangladesh??

I stayed Yamagata Hospital where a doctor speaks Japanese and a Japanese nurse is.
My friend described the building as a horror house.

the room I had stayed
If I say anything, I wanted window to see outside.
 I think I had stayed a VIP room, with fridge and bathroom.
Other "rooms" are separated only by thin plastic wall.
When patient stays in hospital, family stays together, and takes care of him/her.
They cook, wash cloth, help to take shower...e.t.c.

So, basically hospital doesn't serve meal.
However, the nurse prepares Japanese food for Japanese patients.
That's incredible!
She said patient needs something comfortable or to look forward.....yes, meal helped me. 

Though there were some problems....
・Nurses use thermometer ON clothes.
・To measure blood pressure, a doctor inflated cuff too much that caused pain!
・My finger was swollen because of drip.
 I told using my limited Bengali, "My left fingers are bigger than right!"
 A doctor and nurses burst into laugh.
 "No no, fingers are the same! No problem!"

However, overall I was treated well.
Room was OK, nurses are friendly, Japanese nurse was helpful, food was good!
Besides, friends visited me.

can't stay on the bed all the day!
After a while, I started to be bored.
I slept 13 hours for 2 days....eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep......so now exercise!

Eventually I stayed 3 nights, and safely back home.
অনেক ধন্যবাধ!