Bulltlers Chocolate Cafe

I have heard people talking about chocolate place opened recently in Gulshan.
The shop came from Dublin, Ireland. All chocolates are imported from Ireland.
I am not much a chocolate lover, but gave it a try with my friend.
Haha, we went to have chocolate for dinner!
On the left side of the door, there are terrace seats.
Mosquito didn't bother us, but sounds from road did. Take seat in whichever you prefer, air-conditioned room or outside with fresh wind and sounds of horns.
Boxed chocolate are also sold. Seems good for gift.
You can have a seat, or just buy your favorite chocolate at counter.
We took seat outside and discussed over menu.
I was attracted cheese cake at first, and then sandwich....but thought I should try chocolate something as I came here!! It's our mission.

My friend order "Dark Chocolate"(340tk) drink.
She led me try. It was sweeter than expected, but real chocolate.
 My choice was "Butlers Signature Waffles". (395tk)
Ice cream and chocolate (to pour more on waffles!!) come together. Very much chocolate! Ice cream was good with waffles.
My friend chose "Butlers Chocolate Crapes"(395tk).
Yes, real chocolate.
But something strange....though we ate and ate, it didn't seem reduced.
I could finish 2 waffles out of 4....yes, I could have finished all, but sure it would make me regret later.

All I needed was....black coffee!!
It came with chocolate again. You can choose one from more than 30 kinds.
My choice was "70% truffle".
Description is intense 70% dark chocolate truffle centre in a dark chocolate shell. I like chocolate bitter. But still.....somehow it was still sweet. But good with coffee. (liked large cup. Americano for 220tk)

If you find my review negative, it's not! But just too sweet to have chocolate waffles and crape, and chocolate drink for dinner.
My recommendation is.....order pizza or sandwich and have chocolate drink served with a chocolate.
Or, go with your friend and order one pizza/sandwich, one waffles/cake/crapes and share. Then that will be perfect!!
I expected many foreigners, especially girls. But there are quite a good number of Bangladesh guys! Interesting...
Anyway, let's give a try if you have sweet tooth!

<Butlers Chocolate Cafe>
Address: 175 Gulshan Avenue, Gushan 2
TEL: 02-9850860