Cha Dokan

In Bangladesh, you will find "Cha Dokan (tea store)" EVERYWHERE.
In Japan, you will find convenience store everywhere, but Cha Dokan is 10 times more.
If there is space, there is Cha Dokan.
People have sweet milk tea with biscuits, banana, pancakes and so on.

75 years old chadokan owner

Cha dokan dokan dokan....
Cup is small.

milk tea in a small cup (6tk)
Even though I say "little little little sugar!",
it is still sweet because of condensed milk.
Even though I say "little sugar and little milk",
it is still sweet.......somehow.
But actually very good to have sweet tea after sweating a lot.

Except tea, snacks are available.

Looks crepe, cream inside. tastes like....Uiro.(7tk)

*Japanese sweet, Uiro.

Harder than expected!  (7tk)

It tastes as it looks, good. (7tk)
pancake, not much sweet (7tk)
A big Cookie (4tk)
Edge turned black......with ink from paper, no wonder! 
My favorite! (7tk)
I can't tell because ants ate during the night.....

People chat at Cha Dokan in the morning, daytime, evening.....and at night.
Join them?
For about 1$, you and 3 of your friends can have tea and a snack!



I bought a chi ken at bazaar.
Chi ken was alive.
So....how to buy and cook chicken here??
A man picked up a chicken, put it in the basket to measure weight.
"It is 220tk, OK?"
As I nodded....
He killed the chicken, put into the machine to skin it.
Basket to measure weight of chicken
I paid, took it.
The bag touched my arm, surprised me.
Of course, of course, it was warm because was alive a minute ago!

So......put it on the cutting board.
and now??
Head dropped when I took out from bag
I cut legs.
And......just turned and turned the checkin.....
I finally called my friend who works as a chef, and got instruction.

Chicken became meat....
After an hour, it became "meat" though my appetite was gone by then.

The chicken became Japanese food called "niku jaga".

Lunch box
Next day, I shared it with Bengali co-workers.
My counterpart said
But another said
"too sweet, I could have eaten if you use less sugar"
Oh, never imagined to be said "too sweet" by Bengali!

Anyway, I could cook chicken, I think.



People bring sweets when they are invited to friend's house.
Store for sweets......
A lot of kinds. 180-350tk/kg
Sweets will be packed in a box with ribbon.
They also have yogurt (in a jug).

I bought "medium" from ''sweet'''medium''sour'.
It was taaaaasty, I like it.
But again of course, it was still too sweet for me,
so I mixed with plain yogurt. 
(1:2=sweet:sour was the best for me.)
 Colors are quite different!

You can try at restaurant, too.
(If you are afraid of buying a lot, or a tourist)


I can't live without yogurt, so I am really happy that Bangladesh has :)
Try Bangladeshi yougurt!


Intellectuals Martyr Monument

I walked around in Dhaka to give suggestion for new city map.
25 places are suggested as tourist sight.....so how are they like?

I visited Intellectuals Martyr Monument.
It is a monument to commemorate intellectuals who were massacred by Pakistani soldiers during independence war.

But what I found is house, cha dokan (tea store), house.....
And people......under the bus.

Everyone stared at me, again.
Suddenly, it appeared.
Oh, not bad!

Then, a boy ran to me, asking
"Are you a reporter??"
I answered
"Something like that"
Then he took off his shirt, and
"Take a picture!" 
It is a memorial place, but seems a play area for kids.
Kids talked to me, gave me a snack.
I ate it together, took picture, chatted.
It is sightseeing place where no tourist is.
But anyway, I enjoyed.