Syhlet - Hotel (1)-

Here is Hotel information in Syhlet!
I only saw rooms and talked with owners or staffs, but take tour to see hotels.
This time, the top ranked hotels.

Located in northern part of the city, near Mazar.

As I asked to see rooms, they kindly showed me around the hotel.

Out side rooms, some space to sit

Pool and beauty parlor are under construction.
They will be available next year as they said.

Address :East Dorga Gate, Sylhet
Budget :3100tk~
Webpage :

<Hotel Valley Garden>
Newly opened hotel, I heard.
I accidentally found it on the way to Rose View Hotel.
 Building and rooms were new and clean. 

Hotel Valley Garden
Address :Sobhani Ghat, Bishwa Road, Syhlet
MAIL: info@hotelvalleygarden.net
Webpage : http://www.hotelvalleygarden.net/
Budget :1500tk~


<Rose View Hotel>
It was morning, I needed coffee.
I went to Rose View Hotel, 5 star hotel in Syhlet.
Not information for accommodation, but there is a cafe open from 7am.
I ordered "regular coffee". (100tk+VAT+10 service charge)
Only a cup of coffee, but a staff brought many cups on the tray.

Small cookies,
.........and hot water and instant coffee powder.
"Regular coffee" means!

Don't worry, I enjoy most of food and drinks.
I was happy for enough hot water for 2 cups of coffee.

Donut(170tk), tart(120tk)....e.t.c

Besides, quiet place to take a break from sounds on the street.
There are still few places to take a rest, and here must be one of them.

Rose View Hotel
Address :Plot2, Block D, Shahjalal Uposhohor, Sylhet
Budget :6400tk~
Webpage :


Syhlet - transportation-

I went outside of Dhaka for the first time, to Syhlet.

4 nights 5 days, and what did I do?
Mainly stayed in hotel.
Besides, stayed in friend's home....due to Hartal for 4 days in a raw.
Still, I could introduce the trip to go and come.

I used night train to go.
I left home earlier, being worried traffic jam.....then got to the station 2 hours earlier!
I walked ON the rail lines,
Talked with people,
Was looked by people.....e.t.c.
Ohhh, why does he want to talk on phone on the rail, train is coming!!
The room was fine though blanket was teared.
I could sleep well.
Not sure if you could as well because I usually could sleep anywhere.

It cost 1068tk from Dhaka to Syhlet.
Ticket will be sold 9 days before your trip, but it is a little difficult to get cabin.
You can reserve online as well.

Train station in Syhlet

Then, the day back to Dhaka.(skipped a lot!)
I used airplane.

Though a cow was walking along the way to Osmani Airport,
Airport was clean and comfortable.
See this rest room!
There is even a drier!
I flu with United Airways.
I bought ticket at tourism fair, so it costed 3000tk from Syhlet to Dhaka.
Plane took off at 14:15 as scheduled. 
Snacks were servied, but no one ate because of Ramadan.
Ummm......only if the juice was cold!
 Within an hour, buildings of Dhaka city came to eye sight. 
I feel sorry to back the crowded city, but I will definitely go to Syhlet again.
Next, hotel information in Syhlet will come.


Grameen UNIQLO

Japanese popular clothing store, UNIQLO opened as
Grameen UNIQLO in Bangladesh on July 5th.
The new was widely picked up by media in Japan.
2 stores in Dhaka in"New Elephant Road" and "Banasree".

I visited the day a store in Banasree in opening day.
Found store,
I felt the store was small because I used to see big stores in Japan.
But inside was crowded.

There are even "Panjabi", Bangladesh cloth for men!
Panjabi at UNIQLO......interesting.
I want to get one as souvenir......but what to do with it?

Staffs speak fine English, and I can tell UNIQLO cares service to customers.
Yes, "service" is important.
In Japan, things are expensive, but you will get good service for free.

The price isn't high, but not really low thinking of prices in Bangladesh.
Price range 190tk-1190tk.
I didn't mean to buy, but .....

I also got an amenity bag, accidentally both black...
T-shirt for 350tk.

It is actually for men, but I got small size because I like the design.

By the way........
I like this paper bag.
Because, the handle is long.
Or let me say, the handle is NORMAL.
 Somehow.....the handle in Bangladesh is often too short.
Products for women are limited, but quality is good, I can say.
Take a look at talked-about store, Grameen UNIQLO if you come to Dhaka.

Grameen UNIQLO
New Elephant Road
First Floor,
234/2, New Elephant Road (Dr. Kudrat E Khuda Road), Dhaka
Ground Floor,
41/8 Block C, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka


As a foreigner

Certainly there are, but foreigner is still rare in Bangladesh.
People are not used to see us.

So, what do I encounter?

1. people stare at me.
you can feel like you are a famous person.
People look at you, children follow you, with curiosity.

Look at me.....
Watch me........

Stare at me.......
Observe me....
2. people doubt if I am Bangladeshi....
Some people ask me not my nationality, but
"Are you Bangladeshi......?"
in doubt.
I answered,
"Yes, Bangladeshi."
They doesn't seem convinced, but suspiciously kept looking at me.
Or.....children point out me, saying
A shop staff asked me

That's interesting opinion....?
So, "foreigner" can be something unknown, curious thing in Bangladesh.



July11, 2013.
Roja(Ramadan in Bengali) started.
Every year, the date is different because of phases of the moon.
Muslims don't eat and drink during the day for about a month.
Anything shouldn't be taken into your body.....so avoid even injection or eye lotion.
(Of course, there is exception though)
Nearly 90% of population is Muslim in Bangladesh, so how will the life be?

I was worried if I couldn't get any food for lunch.
I must be seen so worried that my friend gave me bread for the first day of Roja.

Some opens.
Some closes.
Some seems closing.

Menu might be limited, but many of restaurant run.
Restaurants are covered with curtain.
Office hour is shorten from 9-17, to 9-15:30.
People harry home, and wait for Azan that tells sunset.
Hearing Azan, they eat together the meal called "Iftar".
All of family eat together on the floor.
I was invited the renter's house for Iftar. 
He said the more people eat together, the more delicious.

The menu was...
・Mango juice
・Fruits salad
・Fried onion
・Fried mushed potato
・Harim(like soup curry)
・Misuti(sweet, which is very sweet) 

This one pot costs 500tk, as the renter said

A little aggressive for empty stomach?

From the evening, Iftar food are sold on the street,
 And at restaurant.
Many restaurants also offer "Iftar Buffet".
Many fried stuff.....

"Chola" it is sweet.

One day, I was at the market just before Azan.
Shop staff started preparing Ifter on the narrow path.
 They invited me, so I joined.
Chawak Bazar in Old Dhaka city is famous for Ifter food.
It must be interesting to see around the city during Roja, and people may offer you Ifter to enjoy together.


Ratha Mela

July 10th, I went to Dhamrai to see Hindi festival, "Ratha Mela".
Dhamrai is located 40 km away from Dhaka.

So, how to go?
A ticket seller told me to go via Mohakali.
I went to next ticket counter, but a staff said to go via Gabtali.
I bought a ticket to Gabtali, and other man said Mohakali, exchanged the ticket with the one to Mohakali.
So, I got off Mohakali, asked where the bus to Dhamurai.
Then, people told me to go to Gabtali.

Another man took me to wrong bus, so I got off on the way.
I took another bus which was wrong.
So, I took one more bus, and finally got to Gabtali.

Let's go to Dhamurai!
Bus started.
After an hour, gradually slowed down....


I got to Dhamurai 4 hours after I started from home.

People were preparing for festival.
Isn't their face a little scary?
A big float appeared.

There are many Hindi, so atmosphere is a little different.
At Hindi temple, a Bengali letter was found.
The letter means "GOD".
People came to me, painted for a seconds!
Enjoying festival, but.......when will the float go on the parade?
"Sun set time"
........it was 1pm, and I had meeting at 7pm.

Before I forced myself to take bus back to Dhaka, I visited nearby area famous for clay pot making.
I see this pot every day!!
It's for yogurt.
There is stair to underground where people make fire there.
When I said I want to see the factory, kids took me here, and the family showed their work.
I enjoyed.

If you just want to take a look at Ratha Mela, you will find in Dhaka city, too.
A float starts from Motijheel to Dhakeshwari Temple.
It will be smaller, but may be better access.
I will catch it next year!!

So, today's lesson.
Correct information from someone who surely knows.
Be ready for unexpected occasion.
What's more, enjoy unexpected occasion.