Weight Scale

There are many interesting things on the street of Bangladesh.
One of them is "Weight Scale".

Weight scale on the street......
on the crossover bridge....
And, on the street.......
 So I tried.
I didn't intent to cut my face off from the picture.
I asked a Bengali boy to take a picture of me.
At first, he took picture of only me.
I told him to take one more "with scale".
Somehow.....my head was out of picture.
OK, doesn't matter.

I told him scale on the street was not found in Japan.
"Oh, you don't have digital scale in your country?"
"No, we have digital, but not ON THE STREET."

People gathered as usual to see foreigner.
Or, to see foreigner on the weight scale on the street.

People stopped as they see people gathered.
Me on the scale was surrounded by Bengali guys.
"How much weight?"
"What? How much?"
People even started sharing my weight.

It costs only 2tk.
For 2tk, you can get interesting experience.
No way to miss it.


Street Food (2)

Street food, the second part.

Start with my favorite winter snack.
This is the scenery of winter......stone oven for "Bhapa Peetha".
Working outside is basically men's job, but comparatively many women seem working for Bhapa peetha.

This is sweet rice cake with coconut.
It is not super sweet! Slightly sweet, very simple taste.
It's only 5tk.

Can you see white round stuff a guy is making?
That is another kind of Peetha.
It doesn't have any taste, so you add mustard or spicy paste.

This is "Churi".
Beans, potato and boiled egg will be mixed together, sauce added.
What kinds of taste?
You would no longer ask, curry taste.
My memory isn't clear......but maybe 20tk.

Egg Cake isn't very popular, but my favorite.
You will find whole egg in the cake.
It is 20tk for a piece.

As it looks like, it is very simple taste of egg, flower, and sugar.
When you are tired of curry taste, this egg cake calls you.
If you want to eat only egg....
Boiled egg is available (though there wasn't owner at the time)
Any other things?
There must be more, but they are enough to keep your stomach full for a while.


Street food (1)

Trying street food is one of the main attractions in Bangladesh.
Especially from evening, many stands open.
It's time for "nasta", evening snacks!

One the way to home from office, I pass many kinds of stands along the main road.
When I don't feel like to cook, one of them becomes my dinner.

Start with typical street food, "Fuchka".
Inside something like chips, you will find potato & bean paste with spices.
Sour sauce will be added as you like.
This one plate is 10tk.
One of my friends eats Fuchka 6 days a week.
I can't, but she can tell where and which stand serves the best Fuchka.
"Chotopoti" is my favorite.
Ingredient is similar with Fuchka, but more gorgeous :)
Bean soup is poured to the plate, potato paste and some spices are added.
Mixed well, and Fuchka(chips part) & sliced boiled egg are added. 
One plate costs 20tk.
You can't leave Bangladesh without trying this.

"Halim" is also found in the evening. 
It's soup curry.

Beef is often used for Halim.
However, on the street innards is used instead of meat.
If you like innards, that will be very tasty.....but unfortunately, I don't.
I like Halim at restaurant.
You will get beef meat and some toppings though it costs more.
One bowl of Halim is 20tk on the street, around 40tk at restaurant.

Can you see what he is selling?
Noodle called "chow mein".

Fried noodle as you see.

It was good, but I can only say "it was noodle"......
I wonder noodle can be still called as "snack" even though people take it before dinner...
Belly of Bengali people tells the answer.
The plate is half size, 20tk.

There are still more kinds, but I stop writing here.
I will introduce the left next time........so now, I'm going out to find Fuchka.
I haven't had it for a while.