Dinajpur (4) -Hotel Information-

I would like to introduce hotels in Dinajpur.
<Parjatan Motel>
I stayed in Parjatan Motel as usual.
Twin room which looks as usual.
(Actually it was comfortable with running hot water!)
 Restaurant which looks as usual.
Breakfast.(Picture is for 2 people)
Parta(30tk), Vegetable curry(50tk), and egg(30tk).
It is expensive comparing with restaurants besides road(which might cost around 30tk), but quality is good.
Parta was so hot that it was difficult to eat with hand.
Crispy like pie.
(but I and my female friend ate half of them. 2 girls may share parta for 1 person)
As usual, Parjatan motel isn't in the center of the city.
However, 20 tk is enough from the city by Auto.
Quite clearn and comfortable hotel, I can say.
Parjatan Motel
Address : Housing Moor, Dinajpur 
TEL : 0531-64718
Budget : AC/2,300, NonAC/1,900
There is a main road running from North to South which is called "Station Rd.".
Along the road, there are some hotels.
Let's start with Northern part.
<Riyadh Guest House>
This hotel opened in 2012.
Reception is 4th floor.
When you go up to stairs, you may find a person sleeping.....
But no worries.
He would not get up though you passed beside.
Here is twin room with AC.
Hot water and free wifi are available.
I think it is quite reasonable considering price and quality.

Riyadh Guest House
Address : Chandrababur Moor, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-66640
Budget : AC/TW-1200, S-800, NonAC/TW-600, S-400
Going down to South along the street, there are 3 hotels close to each other.

<Hotel  Shahara>
The first floor is restaurant, and accomodation is upper floors.
This is Twin room with AC.
Bathroom is maintained clean.
Not bad for your choice, I think.

Hotel Shahara
Address: New Hotel Building, Station Road, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-61330
Budget : AC/TW-1200,S-800, NonAC/TW-600,S-400

<New Hotel>
Next to Shahara Hotel, there is another one.
The first floor is restauranto,too.
Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures because there wasn't empty room.
So, just information below.
New Hotel
Address : Station Road, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-64155/01784988222
Budget : AC/Tw-2000-2500, S-1500, NonAC/Tw-400-450, S-200-250
<Hotel Konica>
Opposite of these 2 hotels, one more hotel.
It is budget hotel.......reception was a bit dark.
They didn't have a room empty again, so I don't have picture.
Do Bengali people come to Dinajipur for litchi??
Hotel Konica
Address : Station Road, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-64148/01818-291572
Budget : Tw-300, S-180 (AC room not available)
<Hotel Diamond>
This hotel is North-East of the city.
There are 2 buildings on the both side of road.

Picture is Twin room with hot water.
This bathroom was clearn.
However, each room has different quality even though price is the same.
So, please check in advance.

Hotel Diamond
Address : Maldahpatty, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-64629
Budget : AC/TW-850, S-650, NonAC/TW-300-400, S-200-250
*Twin with Giza/1050
<Hotel Al-Rashid>
I will introduce a budget hotel at last.

The room smells a little dusty,
 but bathroom is maintained quite well.
AC room is now under construction (though I have no crue when it finishes).
Staffs are friendly.
One night for 150tk.......it may be your choice if you just need place to sleep.
Hotel Al-Rashid
Address :  Nimtola, Dinajpur
TEL : 0531-64621/01716-535956
Budget : TW-300, S-150-250, Tr-400


Dinajpur (3) -Kantaji Temple & Dipshikha school-

The second day of Dinajpur, I visited Kantaji temple and Dipshikha school.

Kantaj is a Hindi temple fully covered with beautiful terracotta in the motif of 
Sanskrit epics “Mahabharata”and  “Ramayana”.

This temple is registered as World Heritage and regarded as one of the most important tourist sites.
I finally got chance to visit there.

How to get there?
Take a bus from Dinajpur and get off at Kantanagar Mall.
It takes about 20 minutes.
Then, take a boat to other side of river.(can you see a small boat in the picture?)
From the boat.......I saw people walking in water.
Bad feeling.....does it mean....?
We had to get off in water because river was too shallow for the boat.
But what can I do?
I walked in water(I was scared to carry my camera and mobile), got wet till knee.
Then, take a bike taxi to Noyabad Mosjid.
Many people had worked for Kantaj temple for a long time.
So, mosque for Muslims was needed. It is still used for prayer.
Besides the mosque, there is grave of a head artisan.
Then, we headed to Kantaji temple going through litchi trees.
The temple is surrounded by wall, so it is not visible from outside.
Then, got in and the temple appeared.
Picture doesn't tell how impressive it was.
I have seen temple's picture many times, and my pictures look the same.
However, it looks much better when I saw it on my eyes.
Terracotta all over the wall.
A Maharaja started construction of the temple in 1704, and it was completed by his son in 1752.
It took 48 years and 28,000 artisans worked for construction.
This work is worth seeing.
There is one another place I recommend to visit.
It is a famous school called "Dipshikha" which was designed by Anna Heringer from Austlia and had worked in Bangladesh in her 20s.
The building are made by local craftmen with local material like mud and bamboo.

Local transportation is a bit complicated, but people can tell how to go there.
From Kantaj temple,
1. go to Kaharol by Auto,
2. take bus to Dhukujbari,
3. change bus to Mongapur,
4. Then, take a van to Dipshikha school(about 50 minutes).
Taking van for almost 1 hour was tough, but scenery was good.
(I shouldn't say tough, maybe.....because van driver had tougher time!!)
Passing through villages...and arrived.
I wasn't sure where to go......and entered one building.
There were students working for some electric things.

Students study in natural wind.
I went to the second floor and found a classroom surrounded bamboo.

This is another building made of mud and bamboo.
The first floor is class room and the second floor is hall.
This is the classroom.
Can you guess what the holes are?
There are small space children go into and stay.
If a student is not comfortable to work with many other students, he/she can spend sometime in the space, works by him/herself.......and can come back anytime she/he wants.

There is no light neither 1st floor nor 2nd floor.
Natural light does.
Natural light comes into room made with natural materials.
This is regarded as an example of suitable architecture, and the project received the Aga Khan Award in 2007.

Access isn't good...but you can stay overnight if you want.
Their accomodation costs only 150tk.(hot water available!)
Breakfast is 100tk, dinner is 200tk if you need.
Central Office
Address : 282/5, First Colony, Mazar Rd, Mirpur-1, Dhaka
Phone : 880-2-9000782
E-mail : dipshika@agni.com

Project Office
Address : Rudrapur, Birol, Dinajpur
Contact person : Mr. Sepal CH. Debsharma
Mobile : 01718-121885
E-mail : sepaldipshika@yahoo.com


Dinajpur (2) -Ramsagar Lake & Rajbari-

I would like to write about some places to see in Dinajpur.

At first, I and my friend visited "Ramsagar Lake".
The lake is located about 20 minutes away by Auto from Dinajpur town.

This seems a picnic spot for Bengali people.
The lake has legend that King Ramnath has dug the lake for people, but there was no water because of drought.
One day God told Ramnath to sacrifice his son in his dream, and he did.
Then, lake was filled with water.

So, this is the lake.
Entree fee is 20tk and you can see a large man-made lake, small amusement park, some animals, and ruin of Ramnath's house.

Road along the lake is about 5km, so better to take a van.

Picture would have been better if weather was good...
There are very "interesting" amusement park inside.
It costs extra 10tk.
As you enter, you will run into her.

What is this....?
No.......excuse me, who is she?

Anyway, we greeted.
There was see-saw which has half part. 
Interesting place........

Then, we visited Ramnath's house.
I would not have noticed if van driver didn't tell.
In forest.....
Unexpectedly, impressive.

It would have been better if weather was good.
If you are bored in Dinajpur, you can enjoy picnic and small walking there.

Next place is Rajbari(lord's palace).
We looked for the monor and got enter temple at first. 
There were young people who carrued big cameras.

Then, Krishna temple.
Tranquil place.
Goat was eating grasses, washed clothes were flapped in the breeze...
We were about to go back, but then a Bangladeshi told us come other way.
This is the gate we entered.

Very difficult to notice, but inside this gate Rajbari is.

Please get inside. It is quite impressive.
From back side, there is a way to go up to the building.

My friend waited outside.(actually you have to jump in some places.)
It reminded me of adventure in childhood.
This place must be the perfect for kids!
There were underground path to India in manor.
The hole can be hardly seen in the picture.
The hole is half under ground.... between two holes above.
 Can you see now?
Secret path in the old time.
There are many Rajbari in Bangladesh.
However, I think this is one of the most interesting places.
It doesn't take long time from the city, so please visit there.
Dinajpur stories continue.