I visited Barisal for my business trip last month.
I have been to many places in Bangladesh during 2 years volunteer term, but I have never been to Barisal. (Except Barisal, I have visited all divisions!)

I didn't have time to go around as it was business trip, but I will introduce hotel I stayed and yogurt information(!).

I stayed in Arena International.
Decent hotel in Barisal seems only this one or Athena International which is group hotel of Arena. 
Can you see doors beside the lobby?
They are guest rooms. Single rooms are the same floor of lobby.
Then, this is room.
Quite modern design.
Bathroom.......quite normal.
It costs 2000tk per night.
As I stayed at a gust room without hot water nor AC previous day, it looked heaven!!
One more thing I want to introduce is yogurt.
Yogurt from buffalo is famous in Gournodi area near Barisal.
It is not available all stores in Barisal, but some has.
This is the one.
Picture is not really clear.....but it is harder and not so smooth.
I heard taste was something between cheese and yogurt.
Yes, exactly!
If you know Bangladeshi cheese often found on the street, you can imagine.
It was really like cheese.
Some people may find the taste too unique though I liked it.
I was exhausted at the night in Barisal, but went out to buy honey.
As the hotel room doesn't include breakfast, my breakfast was yogurt, banana topped with honey.
Isn't this perfect breakfast?
Schedule was so tight that I couldn't experience Barisal enough.
But I was happy to finally land foot on Barisal.
If I go to next time.....not for business trip!