I like Thai food..... when my friend asked what I want to eat, I came up with Thai food though the friend came from Thailand (which I realized later on).
"Signature" is Thai food restaurant located between Gulshan 1 and 2, East side of Gulshan Avenue.

Restaurant is in the first floor.
Whenever you visit, you will not find not many customers though you will find many waiters.
When we visited for dinner time, the restraint was empty. Actually it was empty till we left.
It may be comfortable if you want to avoid people, or it may not be comfortable to be surrounded by many waiters.

We ordered Crab curry(750tk) with steamed rice(120tk), Padthai(450tk) and Somtam(450tk).
Somtam, I really like this taste.
My friend who lives in Thailand gave positive comment as well.
It was quite spicy.

Then, crab curry.
You may not like hard shell. Mild and taste is very good, but you have to be careful to eat shell and avoid hard parts.
I have tried chicken curry before, and remember it was quite spicy. If you are not good at spicy food, crab curry is your choice.

Actually, it was more than enough for 2 people. But we ordered Padthai too.

Good, but I couldn't really eat....

I brought leftover, and it became my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Chef is Thais, but lives in Bangladesh for 35 years. He worked at Westin hotel previously as I heard.
I think you will be satisfied with their food. Staffs are nice and polite.
When you want to enjoy Thai food in quiet environment, it is one of your choices.

Address:54/A, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212
TEL: 9859242, 9859243, 01852-277531
E-mail: signature.coffee.republic@gmail.com