Pizza Rome

Felt like to have Pizza!
"Pizza Rome" has good reputation of its taste.

I couldn't find the restaurant and passed by. Asked people and found.
Got enter, but still didn't find it as restaurant.
As I got close, found it as restaurant.
I wonder why red light? It was sunny day, but inside seems dim a bit.
There are seats in the space near the entrance.
We got seas beside window and ordered Pizza half/half!
Looks good?
Regular size Margherita and Dolce Vita(575tk)!
Liked simple taste of Margherita. Cheese with tomato sauce, basil. Quite satisfied with the taste.

For dessert....Tiramisu(350tk).
It costs more than Pizza (if we share), but the taste is really good.
Real tiramisu, I can say. I am often disappointed with sweets here, but it was one of the bests.
After dessert, espresso(200tk).
Small.....though strong coffee.
Please compare the sizes of coffee and milk. I think better coffee in milk pot and milk in coffee cup!
Sharing pizza by two of us, 500tk for each. It is quite reasonable. (300tk for pizza, 200tk for coffee.....isn't coffee expensive compared to pizza??)

They have delivery as well.
If you feel like to order pizza, you can call them.

<Pizza Roma>
Address: Road 108, House 15, Gulshan2, Dhaka
Tel: 01755-660039


Bulltlers Chocolate Cafe

I have heard people talking about chocolate place opened recently in Gulshan.
The shop came from Dublin, Ireland. All chocolates are imported from Ireland.
I am not much a chocolate lover, but gave it a try with my friend.
Haha, we went to have chocolate for dinner!
On the left side of the door, there are terrace seats.
Mosquito didn't bother us, but sounds from road did. Take seat in whichever you prefer, air-conditioned room or outside with fresh wind and sounds of horns.
Boxed chocolate are also sold. Seems good for gift.
You can have a seat, or just buy your favorite chocolate at counter.
We took seat outside and discussed over menu.
I was attracted cheese cake at first, and then sandwich....but thought I should try chocolate something as I came here!! It's our mission.

My friend order "Dark Chocolate"(340tk) drink.
She led me try. It was sweeter than expected, but real chocolate.
 My choice was "Butlers Signature Waffles". (395tk)
Ice cream and chocolate (to pour more on waffles!!) come together. Very much chocolate! Ice cream was good with waffles.
My friend chose "Butlers Chocolate Crapes"(395tk).
Yes, real chocolate.
But something strange....though we ate and ate, it didn't seem reduced.
I could finish 2 waffles out of 4....yes, I could have finished all, but sure it would make me regret later.

All I needed was....black coffee!!
It came with chocolate again. You can choose one from more than 30 kinds.
My choice was "70% truffle".
Description is intense 70% dark chocolate truffle centre in a dark chocolate shell. I like chocolate bitter. But still.....somehow it was still sweet. But good with coffee. (liked large cup. Americano for 220tk)

If you find my review negative, it's not! But just too sweet to have chocolate waffles and crape, and chocolate drink for dinner.
My recommendation is.....order pizza or sandwich and have chocolate drink served with a chocolate.
Or, go with your friend and order one pizza/sandwich, one waffles/cake/crapes and share. Then that will be perfect!!
I expected many foreigners, especially girls. But there are quite a good number of Bangladesh guys! Interesting...
Anyway, let's give a try if you have sweet tooth!

<Butlers Chocolate Cafe>
Address: 175 Gulshan Avenue, Gushan 2
TEL: 02-9850860



Weather in winter is quite good in Bangladesh. (except dust...)
If you want to enjoy meal/tea outside, this is the time.

"MERAKI" serves good food in pleasant environment!
The restaurant is located North of Gulshan 2 circle, on your right hand if you come from Gulshan 2.

How was it refreshment for me to have lunch outside in sunny day.
They have seating arrangement both inside and outside.
Restroom is also good...like hotel!
Something like ginger tea was served complementary.
MERAKI has western food.
What we ordered is,
Cream of Chicken and Mushroom (299tk)
A bit too salty, but taste was very good.

Beef Steak Tortilla Salad (399tk)
If you want to have something light, the salad will do as your lunch.

Lasagna (850tk)
It was very soft and juicy with melted cheese....

After meal, how about a cup of coffee (150tk)??

Staffs were polite. A manager came to greet us and asked if everything is alright. Everything was quite smooth.

VAT 15% will be added to tall bill, but no service charge :)

Address: House #188, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka
TEL: 01963-095590



I like Thai food..... when my friend asked what I want to eat, I came up with Thai food though the friend came from Thailand (which I realized later on).
"Signature" is Thai food restaurant located between Gulshan 1 and 2, East side of Gulshan Avenue.

Restaurant is in the first floor.
Whenever you visit, you will not find not many customers though you will find many waiters.
When we visited for dinner time, the restraint was empty. Actually it was empty till we left.
It may be comfortable if you want to avoid people, or it may not be comfortable to be surrounded by many waiters.

We ordered Crab curry(750tk) with steamed rice(120tk), Padthai(450tk) and Somtam(450tk).
Somtam, I really like this taste.
My friend who lives in Thailand gave positive comment as well.
It was quite spicy.

Then, crab curry.
You may not like hard shell. Mild and taste is very good, but you have to be careful to eat shell and avoid hard parts.
I have tried chicken curry before, and remember it was quite spicy. If you are not good at spicy food, crab curry is your choice.

Actually, it was more than enough for 2 people. But we ordered Padthai too.

Good, but I couldn't really eat....

I brought leftover, and it became my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Chef is Thais, but lives in Bangladesh for 35 years. He worked at Westin hotel previously as I heard.
I think you will be satisfied with their food. Staffs are nice and polite.
When you want to enjoy Thai food in quiet environment, it is one of your choices.

Address:54/A, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212
TEL: 9859242, 9859243, 01852-277531
E-mail: signature.coffee.republic@gmail.com


Dhansiri Restora

Where to enjoy Bengali food?
Especially when your friend visit you from abroad??

Dhansiri is Bengali food restaurant which is not local local to worry about hygiene, but not so expensive.
When I have guests from Japan, I used to take them here.

This time, I felt like to have curry....then came with my "curry friend".
When I meet with Japanese friend, we hardly go to Bengali food restaurant....but somehow, I often eat curry with her.

I visited after a long time....then found, it was moved to adjacent building.
The right one is old, and moved to the first floor of building on the left in above picture.Going up to stairs....
New place looks quite nice!
There are some foreigners and Bengali.
We wanted vegetables.
I especially wanted to have leaf curry called "shak".
She especially wanted to have bitter gourd curry called "korora baji".

Menu has variety kind of curry....but better ask staff as many of Bangladeshi restaurant show many in menu, but actually have few.

We asked staff if they have shak and korora baji.
He said no.

So let's see what they alternatively have.....

- Vegetable Bodta
- Plain Vegetable
- Vegetable Masala
- Vegetable curry

Here, question came.
What is the difference?  ---no idea.
Picture shows Sushi somehow....but this is menu for curry..
Anyway.....we ordered vegetable badta(100tk), Daar(80tk), and chicken curry(210tk).
Rice was served on a big plate.
What surprised us was that the "Bodta" included 1 kind of bodta and 2 kinds of vegetable curry on one plate. I was impressed with this idea....because this kind of "set menu" is not available in most of restaurant.
If you are foreigner, you might not know what to order. If restaurant has some menu "some kinds in one plate" type, it actually helps.
I also have to mention that the plate included shak(which I wanted) and korora baji(which my friend wanted)!
They could have told that they did have....but anyway, we finally got what we wanted.

Service was not really smooth....(like waiter brought water but not glasses), but you can try renewed Dhansiri. 

Dhansiri Restora
Address; Road 45, Plot 32A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212

TEL; 01196-287958


Peda Ting Ting

Updating after a long time!
I visited newly opened Chakma food restaurant.
I heard the restaurant has good food with reasonable price and also atmosphere is good. 
It is located between Gulshan 1 and 2.
We took off shoes and relaxed at sofa seat.
It was 7pm, but no one was there.
Well.......exploring the restaurant.
Somehow, huge space in restroom......excuse me to put bathroom picture on restaurant page!!
So, now come to food.
Obviously, we ordered Chakma food....one of traditional ones, fish curry stuffed in bamboo.
It was spicier than expected though I liked.
Food is for two people, served with rice/vegetables.
I recommend going with some people so that you can share and try more items.
I heard it was Chakma food restaurant, but it seems they have lot of Indian menu.
One of them is Potato curry...that was my friend's recommendation.
Believe me, the potato curry was really really good. Please try it if you visit Peda Ting Ting.
I and my friend stayed there for nearly 3 hours....then when we left, seats were full. Most of them seems Bengali.

I kept receipt to update blog....but letters were gone on the receipt.....as I kept it too long time.
I don't exactly remember, but around 600tk per person for the menus.

Let's give a try to different type of Bangladesh dish!

Peda Ting Ting        
Address: House 69, Road 27, Gulshan-1                  
TEL: 01711081381,01711504893



I visited Barisal for my business trip last month.
I have been to many places in Bangladesh during 2 years volunteer term, but I have never been to Barisal. (Except Barisal, I have visited all divisions!)

I didn't have time to go around as it was business trip, but I will introduce hotel I stayed and yogurt information(!).

I stayed in Arena International.
Decent hotel in Barisal seems only this one or Athena International which is group hotel of Arena. 
Can you see doors beside the lobby?
They are guest rooms. Single rooms are the same floor of lobby.
Then, this is room.
Quite modern design.
Bathroom.......quite normal.
It costs 2000tk per night.
As I stayed at a gust room without hot water nor AC previous day, it looked heaven!!
One more thing I want to introduce is yogurt.
Yogurt from buffalo is famous in Gournodi area near Barisal.
It is not available all stores in Barisal, but some has.
This is the one.
Picture is not really clear.....but it is harder and not so smooth.
I heard taste was something between cheese and yogurt.
Yes, exactly!
If you know Bangladeshi cheese often found on the street, you can imagine.
It was really like cheese.
Some people may find the taste too unique though I liked it.
I was exhausted at the night in Barisal, but went out to buy honey.
As the hotel room doesn't include breakfast, my breakfast was yogurt, banana topped with honey.
Isn't this perfect breakfast?
Schedule was so tight that I couldn't experience Barisal enough.
But I was happy to finally land foot on Barisal.
If I go to next time.....not for business trip!