I have been planning to visit Narayaganji for almost a year.......and finally visited last weekend.
Why didn't I?
I think I had been lazy.

Narayaganji is about 30km south from Dhaka, famous for garment industry.
I looked for tourist attractions since it is decent distance for a day trip from Dhaka.
My colleague lives there, so he told me that he would show me around and invited his house as well.

I took bus from Glistan in the morning.
It took about an hour to get Chashara, the center of Narayaganj.
Bus ride should be around 30 minutes, but local bus I took went slooooow.
If you don't like bus, train is also one choice.

These days it is hot.
We met up(one another colleague joined) and at first went to his home.
His wife prepared snacks at 11am.
Coming from outside, water melon, pickles, orange, pineapple with fresh mango juice were perfect.
Doesn't it look pretty?
Playing with his kids, taking pictures....and then, start for Narayaganj excursion!

The first place we have visited is "Hajiganj Fort".
Once the place was bank of river, and the fort was built against pirate during Mughal era.
Inside is now playground for boys.
The remain of building in the left side of above picture was watchtower.
 Remain of stairs.......training for solders was given here, too.
 The holes on the wall.
What is interesting is 1hole has 3 holes outside.
Difficult to explain, if you look into a hole you will see 3. 
There was a big mango tree.
Can you see a boy on the tree? It is very high!
I would love to climb up....but didn't bother to say it. 
It was very peaceful place.
Isn't it pretty kids picking up mango and playing cricket in the ruin?

Then, we moved to river side.
The small port is Hajiganj port.
 You will find traditional Bangladeshi boat as well as engine boat.
 The purpose crossing river is to see this mosque.
It is quite a big mosque.
Wash my hands and feet, went up stairs.
Footprint of Prophet is preserved in this mosque.

On the way back, we had "Bakorkani" which is originally famous in Old Dhaka.
Light and crispy, easy snack.
It is only available in Dhaka and surrounding area.
this is salty

this one is sweet.
On the way back, we took the traditional boat.
My colleague told me to cover my hair.....
"woman who was married goes back to her father's home by a boat"
This is a kind of typical scenery in Bangladesh.

Do I look like Bangladeshi?

Lunch was at the restaurant on the boat.
 It was owned by Bangaldesh Tourism corporation, but now private operates.
He ordered Bangladeshi food for me, but somehow it came out Chinese style....
But anyway, it was good.
This is "Bhorta".
Paste of boiled vegetable and dried fish cooked with spices.
Potato is typical for Bhorta, but I had eggplant and cilantro leaf.
It was first time for me.

Our lunch was nearly 4 p.m.
After finishing lunch at 4p.m, I got on the way....but then another colleague with us invited to his home.

We were full including him, but he offered tea, fruit, cookies....
He, his wife, son and daughter welcomed.
I uploaded some pictures of food because I want to show how Bengali people treat guest.
You really can not leave Bengali's home without having tea.
Not only tea, but in all the ways, their hospitality for guest is incredible!

It was whole day programme.
I was very tired indeed, but good weekend.
If you feel like to go somewhere outside of Dhaka, Narayaganj is one choice though it is better if you have any friend there!


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  2. u deserve a thanks from the whole Bangladeshi people because u are doing a great job!!!! u are introducing Bangladesh all over the world :) thak u very much

  3. Thank you for your comment. It really encourages me.
    Yes, I may not give a big impact, but try my best to introduce and let people know Bangladesh.