Rangpur(1) -Satranjee Palli-

After Dinajpur, I moved to Rangpur.
It was about 2 hour journey by bus via Saidpur.
There are many buses going, so it isn't difficult to get one.(find bus with yellow flag!)

What is famous in Rangpur?
Carpet/mattress called Strangee.

So, let's check it out!
A factory is about 15 minutes from Rangpur city.
I was supposed to take auto from bus station near Parjatan Motel.
I went to bus station, asked
"How to go to Shapnapuri?" instead of "Satranjee".
Oh.....I should have realized when a staff said 72tk for the ticket.
It shouldn't cost that much.

Anyway I took wrong bus, rode almost 1 hour.
The bus ran in middle of nowhere.......field, field......
Something wrong.
"How long will it take more......?"
"You are going to go to the last stop, still some way."
Then I realized.

To go to Satranjee, I had to go back to the bus station again and start from there.
It was totally different way.
However, I couldn't get off bus in middle of nowhere.
Everyone tried to help me, talked to me in Bengali, in Arabic, in strange English.
Bus staffs stopped the bus coming from otherside, led me get on.
Then, he told to the driver to take me to right place and even told I didn't have to pay for bus ticket to the way back.
As I arrived at bus station, people got Rikshaw for me to go to Stranjee.

I was tired.....but that people made me so happy.
All the people were trying to help a lost foreigner.

So I finally came to Stranjee Para by Rikshaw.
(what's so sorry....Rikshaw requested to pay me more when we arrived. I was happy with that bus people, and the feeling has gone.....I fought hard against the Rikshaw)

Factory is next to show room.
A man rolling up strings.
Strings are so colorful and vivid.

Girls weaving small mattress.
 She is weaving the bigger mattress.

They are so friendly.
It is unfortunate for those who doesn't speak Bengali that workers don't speak English well....but they welcomed me and led me walk around in the factory.

This is show room next to the factory.

Bag, bathmat, place mat..... e.t.c...
These look good, don't it??
Satranjee is easy access from Rangpur(no need to take bus for 1 hour).
Visiting factory will be interesting expereience.

Satranjee Palli
Address:Stranjee Para, Nishbetgonj, Rnagpur
Tel : 01755574555/01713993757
E-mail :
Webpage : http://www.satranjeepalli.com/

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