Weather in winter is quite good in Bangladesh. (except dust...)
If you want to enjoy meal/tea outside, this is the time.

"MERAKI" serves good food in pleasant environment!
The restaurant is located North of Gulshan 2 circle, on your right hand if you come from Gulshan 2.

How was it refreshment for me to have lunch outside in sunny day.
They have seating arrangement both inside and outside.
Restroom is also good...like hotel!
Something like ginger tea was served complementary.
MERAKI has western food.
What we ordered is,
Cream of Chicken and Mushroom (299tk)
A bit too salty, but taste was very good.

Beef Steak Tortilla Salad (399tk)
If you want to have something light, the salad will do as your lunch.

Lasagna (850tk)
It was very soft and juicy with melted cheese....

After meal, how about a cup of coffee (150tk)??

Staffs were polite. A manager came to greet us and asked if everything is alright. Everything was quite smooth.

VAT 15% will be added to tall bill, but no service charge :)

Address: House #188, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka
TEL: 01963-095590

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