At a glance

Bring your passport, taking plane, you can go almost everywhere.
Bangladesh seems far country, but leaving at night, I was there next day around noon.

As I arrived at the airport, mosquitossssss welcomed me.
Hartal(strike) was announced at the day, so we volunteers had to stay in the airport for 5 hours.
Perfect greetings?

I was worried, but actually I haven't found much difficulty to live here. (Or, maybe I haven't really known yet.)
I expected nothing, then there (are not many things),  but is something.
People are super friendly and food is good. So, we don't really need much more.
At first, I have to mention to density of population.
Even though road is crowded, Rikishawara(driver of Rikichaw) find small space to get in.
Traffic is mess, of course.
However, live there for 3 days, it becomes normal.
I like to see cars, buildings, stores along the road from Rikishaw.

A store only for.......banana?

Again, only for watermelon?

At roadside, live chikens are sold.
 Cut beef is sold, too.
In Bangladesh, visitng cloth shop is important!
You can find variety kinds, colors of fabrics.
Buy and bring it to tailor, then get order-made cloth for you.
For sawing, you only need about 300tk(less than $4).
Almost all the women on the streets wear salwar kameez, which for me seems so beautiful.

variety kind of fabric!

 Men work with sawing machine.

I only saw small parts of this city, and this is just introduction.
I will find many interesting, unusual(for me), exciting and wierd things soon.

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