Staying at Bengali family's house (2)

Topic : living

Disparity is huge in Bangladesh.
I could see it from the window of host family's house.

Room I stayed

View from the window

At night, family watches TV

At night, I don't know what people do.

They have a 13 years old servant girl who lives together.
I can do my dishes, cleaning........but 13 years old taking care of me feels strange.

She cooks, clearns, does chores in house.
Her work doesn't seem hard, but she works from the morning to night, 7 days a week.
She said she didn't remember the last time she went outside, and doesn't know when the next.

She is host mother's sister's someone's someone. (I forgot)
So, her treatment is a little different from servants in general.
She lives with fmaily, talks casually with host family's daughter(a year older girl).
She said it was "her house".
She said the daughter was like her sisiter.
Host father said she was like a family member.

However, I can't help comparing her life with the daughter.
While the daughter studies at school, she works.
While the daughter eats, she serves.
They watch TV together, but I never saw her sit on sofa.
She always stands begind, eat on the floor after everyone finishes.

It seems so strange, unequal.
However, it is the way it is.
I could do nothing but telling her thank you for all the work she did.
(and share the story, facts here with you)

She is going to go to school next year.
Because of my limited Bengali, I couldn't know details, but I was glad to know that.
I am looking forward to talking with her again, maybe about her school life.


  1. Hi Shiori, this seems really strange from a first world perspective, quite sad actually. Why does she eat on the floor and not at the table?

  2. Oh, she eats on the floor because it's where she eats!
    Yes. It seems strange and sad, and reality that I can't change easily.