Weight Scale

There are many interesting things on the street of Bangladesh.
One of them is "Weight Scale".

Weight scale on the street......
on the crossover bridge....
And, on the street.......
 So I tried.
I didn't intent to cut my face off from the picture.
I asked a Bengali boy to take a picture of me.
At first, he took picture of only me.
I told him to take one more "with scale".
Somehow.....my head was out of picture.
OK, doesn't matter.

I told him scale on the street was not found in Japan.
"Oh, you don't have digital scale in your country?"
"No, we have digital, but not ON THE STREET."

People gathered as usual to see foreigner.
Or, to see foreigner on the weight scale on the street.

People stopped as they see people gathered.
Me on the scale was surrounded by Bengali guys.
"How much weight?"
"What? How much?"
People even started sharing my weight.

It costs only 2tk.
For 2tk, you can get interesting experience.
No way to miss it.