Street Food (2)

Street food, the second part.

Start with my favorite winter snack.
This is the scenery of winter......stone oven for "Bhapa Peetha".
Working outside is basically men's job, but comparatively many women seem working for Bhapa peetha.

This is sweet rice cake with coconut.
It is not super sweet! Slightly sweet, very simple taste.
It's only 5tk.

Can you see white round stuff a guy is making?
That is another kind of Peetha.
It doesn't have any taste, so you add mustard or spicy paste.

This is "Churi".
Beans, potato and boiled egg will be mixed together, sauce added.
What kinds of taste?
You would no longer ask, curry taste.
My memory isn't clear......but maybe 20tk.

Egg Cake isn't very popular, but my favorite.
You will find whole egg in the cake.
It is 20tk for a piece.

As it looks like, it is very simple taste of egg, flower, and sugar.
When you are tired of curry taste, this egg cake calls you.
If you want to eat only egg....
Boiled egg is available (though there wasn't owner at the time)
Any other things?
There must be more, but they are enough to keep your stomach full for a while.


  1. Did you try all of these street foods? Can your stomach handle this well?

  2. Of course, I have tried! Otherwise, how can I write article on it? Haha, "try" is even not proper word...as those are one of my daily food(amar nasta).