Valentine's Day

February 14th was the Valentine's Day.
In Japan, girls give boys chocolate and tell their love.
Boys give girls candy in return on March 14th called "White Day".
Then, what happens in Bangladesh?
As I heard from Bangladeshi, people give gift each other, but there is no rule who gives to whom, what...e.t.c.
Lovers spent time together, and girls may wear red cloth.
I saw some girls wearing red cloth on the day, but not quite sure if it is for Valentine's Day.
I asked some people, but they just told me there was not any rule.
At supermarket, I found "Valentine Gift corner".
Chocolates on the shelf. 
After supermarket, I visited Hotel to look for something for Valentine.
Yes, there were.
At entrance, staff greeted us "Happy Valentine!". 
Then, I found chocolate fondue.
Pink marshmallow with green chocolate......???
 Hotel decoration with Green heart object
I don't quite understand the sense of color of Bengali people, but Valentine's Day exists in Bangladesh.

How was my day?
I even didn't remember the day until I was told, but a Japanese girl gave me a chocolate :)
Happy Valentine♪

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