Ekushey Book Fair

Huge Book Fair is held at Bangla Academy every year in February.
Of course, this year too.
This is not just a book fair, but also historically important for Bangladesh.
The fair is originally dedicated to the agitators who died on 21th February 1952 in a movement to establish Bengali as their state language.
People come not only for books, but literary & cultural events, and exhibitions.

I didn't know it started from 3 p.m, so I went morning!
I killed time and came back, then there were people waiting for gate to open.
There were stores for many kinds of books.
Books, books....
Books, books, books..... 
There is poster of Bangabandhu, the father of the nation and his messages.

At the fair, I found Bangladesh Tourism Board(BTB)'s booth.
There are 2 government tourism organization, and another one is BTB.
Why is their booth in the fair?
I visited and asked, then they were doing "ICON competition".
What can be the ICON of Bangladesh?

It is interesting.
The choice was,
-National Monument Savar
-National Parliament Building
-Sixty Dome Mosque
-Ahan Manzil
-Curzon Hall
-Uttara Gono Bhaban
-Anti-Tourism Memorial Sculpture
-National Martyr Monument
-Paharpur Buddhist Monastery
-Lalbagh Fort
-Dhakeshwari National Temple
-Bangladesh Supreme Court Building
-Bangabandhu Multi-purpose Bridge

What did I choose?
Then I was interview why I choose Rikshaw, what do I think of this vote...e.t.c.
Next day, my co-worker told me
"I saw you answering interview on TV!"
So, it was broad casted......don't really remember what I told.

You can also vote online.

In the area even outside of Bangla academy, there are many book stores along the streets.
How can you find book there?
I didn't buy any book, but you can take a look.
Fair will be finish soon, until February 28th!

Ekushey Book Fair
Place: Bangla Academy
Time: Weekday   3:00p.m-8:30 p.m
           Weekend   11:00 a.m-8:30p.m (1:00-3:00p.m closed on Friday)

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