Sundarbans(2) -Day.1-

Start for 3 Days Sundarbans tour!
As vessel started, tea/coffee was served.All the meal is self-service, so make tea/coffee as you like.

Beside dining space, there are small table/chair outside too.
Outside is nice.....with feeling wind.
We were talking about different things with morning coffee.
Then soon realized we were hungry.
We got up at 5am, but it was already 7:30.
Need food! 
Toast with Sundarbans honey/butter/jam and fried egg.
After breakfast, all the guests introduced themselves and tour guide gave us briefing.
Our destination for the first day is Kotkali which is Southern part of Sundarbans.
After briefing, we didn't really things to do on the vessel…..
So, enjoy scenery.....
take picture....
Chat on the deck,
 Or in our cabin.....
Or write blong.....
Of course, make new friends.
Then, eat.
At lunch huge lobster was served.
Guests started becoming friends....we Japanese group had lunch with an Italian guy.(Japanese and Italian tried to eat with our hand)
I enjoyed a slow day.
On the way, we found dolphin, deer, and boar.(I missed dolphin though)
In the evening, we had 1 hour boat trip.
With small motor boat, we went inside of narrow canal.

The great moment is when engine stopped.
It became suddenly silent place.
All you could hear was sound of water and bird singing. 
We found something like a big lizard.

Sun went down.
Evening was beautiful.
After finishing boat tour, I was sitting on deck with my friend and watched sun going down & moon going up.
Isn’t it the holiday?
Besides, it was full moon at the day.
(It became full moon as it came up)
We finishing dinner, then there was nothing to do except talking with friends or just relaxing.
I went to deck again and spent some time talking with people.

I don't think many people stayed up late because next morning we were supposed to get up at 5am.

Continute to Day 2.

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