Sundarbans(4) -Day.3-

Staff knocked everyone's door!
Yes, we had boat trip on the 3rd day too.

Sky was.....pink!!

This time, we were supposed to walk grass road.
However, it started raining.
We ran to a forest office which forest guards live.

In Sundarbans, no one lives except the guards.

Their life is quite separated from the other world.
Food is brought from city once in every 2 weeks. 
They use solar system for electricity, use rain for drinking water.
From the window of the house, we found.......something like crocodile.
We have waited for a while, and then went back to vessel.
We missed chance to walk around, but it was also interesting experience to see forest guard's life.

After rain, rainbow.......!!

It can't be seen clearly in picture, but it was beautiful.

After coming back to vessel, again all we did whole day was chatting and eating.
We headed back to Khulna.
Breakfast, morning snack, and lunch...
Lunch was Kichuri, my favorite.
It is evening snack....but without moving, I didn't get hungry.
So ate a liiiiiiitle bit.(I could have skipped snack, but didn't)

In the evening, earlier than expected we arrived at Khulna.

As we were coming far from forest and getting close to city, we felt sad...

We spent some time on the deck to take pictures.

One interesting shot.
Can you see what he is doing?
He is taking group picture(including him) from the roof.
Curious how the picture came out....

After finishing dinner, we had closing session.

Some of participants gave speech(or showed dance) with thinking back memories of the 3 days.
On behalf of Japanese group....

They are staffs supporting our 3 days tour.
Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the vessel....they worked so hard whole day.
(For example, after finishing breakfast, they started cooking morning snack, and during that they prepare lunch.....e.t.c)

When we left vessel, everyone knows everyone.
We took small boat from the vessel to the port......and on the way, all of us felt sad.
Thank you for friends traveled together and all the staffs!
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