YoBerries & Bon Cafe

Banani Road#11 is one of the fanciest places in Dhaka.
I needed a picture of Banani road for my work (to introduce the place as fashionable street).... so walked and walked and walked, but I wasn't sure where to take a picture.
I walked all the way to airport road, at the end of the street.

.....could this picture be "fashionable street"?
Either my skill is not enough or road itself doesn't look fashionable.....
"OK, anyway I need to take a rest"
Found a frozen yogurt place.
Looks ice cream shop?
Wifi is available. Quite good wifi.

 At first, choose cup or corn(extra 150tk for corn).
Then, take frozen yogurt as you want.(1onz for 50tk. You have to buy minimum 4 onz.)
Flavor is
- Apple & Orange citrus sorbet(you can only choose apple, or mix with orange)
- Litchi & Plain tart
- Strawberry & Blueberry tart
- Geneva Chocolate & French vanilla
- New York Cheese Cake & Taro
- Double Cookies Cream & Pistachio

Then, add toppings if you want.

I got Blueberry Tart and New York Cheese cake.

Since it is frozen yogurt, it's not so sweet and fresh taste.
This one cup costs 276tk(including 15%tax).

Enjoy frozen yogurt in hot weather (though it is winter now)!
YoBerries & Bon Cafe
Address: House #48, Road #11, Block-C, Banani, Dhaka
Tel: +880-17666-81453

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