Mermeid Gallery Cafe

Seafood seafood seafood......
I needed some pictures of seafood from Cox's Bazar.
So, I visited famous seafood restaurant where seafood is brought from Cox's Bazar everyday.

The name is "Mermeid Gallery Cafe".
They have Eco-resort in Cox's Bazar as well.
This restaurant was in Gulshan 2, but moved close to Notun Bazar.
The first floor is café, and restaurant is 6th floor. 
There is open terrace, too.You can see..........road and building??
Since I needed seafood picture, ordered fish!!
Baked Pomfret 350tk(per 100gm)
I thought "not expensive as I expected!!"....but it was per 100g.
The one in picture is 300g.

Then, Baked Mussels(450tk).

Both tasted very good.
After a while, I have really seafood.
Mussels were baked with garlic and butter....I could eat 20 of them.

However.....one of my purpose was taking picture.
I wanted white plate with seafood.
So, I ordered "white plate"!
(by the way, free of charge)

Moved Mussels.....
Um.....not exactly looks nice......what to do.....

But anyway, enjoyed seafood.
Then, dessert with coffee.
Apple pie for 100tk, coffee for 175tk.
Coffee was very good, I was satisfied.

All the prices excludes 10% Service Charge and 15% VAT.

Taste is good, and atmosphere is also good.
I went for lunch, but it would be nice to go for dinner, too.
If you want to enjoy seafood and relax......visit there.
* High speed wifi is available.

<Mermaid Gallery Café>
Address: 32, Progoti sharani, Baridhara, Block J, Gulshan2, Dhaka
Tel: 018-4141-6470
Web: http://www.mermaidgallerycafe.com/

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