Coming Back to Japan

Updating this blog after a long time.
I came back to Japan on March 28th after 2 years of volunteer work.

It was very very unique experience in unique environment.
Bangladesh was not my first choice for volunteer work, but it was meaningful time at last.

Off course, there were lots of problems at work.
Yes, thousands!
But as I could get along with co-workers, neighbor, and people around me, it was good.
Especially relationship with neighbor was so unique for me, coming from Japan.

My house is 3 minutes walk from main road.
When I came inside from main road, it was almost like my home.
I know everyone(though I couldn't tell names), everyone knows me.

Friends from fruit shop.
Whenever I visited the shop, he gave me fruits.
If I find any fruits I had never seen in Japan, he led me taste.

A friend from curry restaurant.
We met everyday at the same time in the morning.
He always prepares Singara...and we repeated the same conversation everyday.

A friend from medicine shop.
He talked to me when his eyes caught me though conversation with him was a bit weird.
"Did you buy cauliflower?"
"Yes, as you see"
"What to do with cauliflower?"
"Cook and eat! what to do with cauliflower otherwise?"

A friend who sells vegetables.
By the way, he only sells greens.
I often chatted with him because he always sits next to egg shop I always went.

The egg shop.
There was a boy who always told me "Dim niben na-?(don't you buy eggs?)".
Now he is in village, but he used to tell me "dim niben na-?" every time he saw me.
He found me in the morning,
"Dim niben na-?"
He found me in the evening,
"Dim niben na-?"
Though I bought eggs in the morning, he asked in the evening.
But he always chose good eggs for me.
"Dim niben na-?"
"I still have 2 eggs! I will buy tomorrow"
Isn't it interesting life that shop staff knows the number of eggs left in my fridge?

Then, my land load and his family.
They always welcomed me, so I could knock whenever I feel like to visit them.

They often offered tea and meal.
It was good and made me feel at home to have "Bangladeshi family".

My area was said poor area, but this is the place where I had spent 2 years and where I love.


Well, but actually.........I will be coming back to Bangladesh again.
So this blog will be updated.
Please be with me :)