I would like to introduce a famous local restaurant in Old Dhaka.
Especially all the students around the area know the restaurant, I heard.

It is located close to Shahid Minar and along Nazimuddin Road.
If you come to the road, all the people can tell direction, so don't worry.

But even though you come to the restaurant, you may pass over without noticing.
Can you see sign on the picture?

Passing through corridor....
Climbed up stairs.
It is on the third floor.
As I heard, long line is often found in front of the restaurant.
I visited around 4pm between lunch time and dinner time, but still needed to wait for a while.

As you get seat, waiter brings many kinds of curry and fried vegetable on a plate.
See how many kinds!?

There were
- Fried mix vegetable
- Fried bitter gourd
- Fried cabbage
- Small shrimp and potato curry
- Mashed green banana with spices
- Cucurbit and egg curry

I sometimes can only find potato & carrot curry, but there are this much of dishes.
Even though staff said many other dishes were already finished.

I didn't take picture of each items, but the right side of the dish....it is chicken curry.
It was more like "Chicken with tomato sauce cooked with spices" than curry as I imagined.
Natural sweetness from tomato...it might be the best chicken curry I had in this 2 years in Bangladesh!!

I could find each dishes have different taste and different spices.
It is difficult to explain....but simply taste good!!
No extra charge of extra plate of rice.
200tk will be enough to try enough kinds of curries.

Try a famous restaurant loved by locals!

Address: 113/2, Nazimuddin Road, Dhaka
Tel: 01815-468942/02-7300265

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