Returning to Bangladesh.

I haven't updated this blog for a while, but I came back to Bangladesh a month ago.

Dhaka was Dhaka as it is.
Rikshaw and CNG and cars are running without
People are drinking tea beside street,
Many of roads are under construction and holes are here and there....

What is change?
Maybe the difference from 2 years ago (when I came for the first time) is that all these seem too much normal for me, and there are people welcoming me.
I returned to Bangladesh with job this time, but I still have curry at local restaurant, have tea on the street, ride #6 bus, fight over 5tk with Rikshaw puller, and walk from Baridhara to Banani when I don't catch a bus.

I won't be able to update much, but will do time to time.
Thank you for being with me!

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