Green Goose

There is a Japanese guest house which serves Japanese food at their restaurant.
(In high possibility, you will find Japanese people too.)
But if you want to have Japanese food, this is one of your choices.

It feels strange to introduce dumpling as Japanese food, but familiar taste it was.
Dumpling(400tk) for a plate.
Then, "Agedashi dofu(fried tofu in sauce)"
It was 250tk.
Leek and ginger added good taste.
Crispy shrimps.
Good with drinks.
We even couldn't see stick.
Chicken was soft and tasted good with vegetables.
"Mabo doufu"-250tk.
It was spicier more than expected, but I liked it.
I know what is on the plate is obviously fish......
We asked the name of fish, but no staff could tell its name.
They told us some of fish names and finally brought raw fish.....but truth didn't come out.(we couldn't tell the name even though we saw raw fish)
But anyway it was good....simple taste with salt and lemon.

Fried vegetable.
 Fried noodle.
These taste was as it looks.
Not bad though.

We ordered another kind of fried noodle(Yaki-udon), but they didn't have it.
Instead, somehow eggplant....though it was not bad.
The restaurant is located between Gulshan 1 and 2.
It is certainly your choice if you look for Japanese food in Dhaka!

Green Goose Restaurant
Address: House#30, Road38, Gulshan Model Town-2, Dhaka
TEL: 9880050, 9881283
E-mail: ggoose@global-bd.net

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