One day boat trip

If you don't have much time to go far, but want to have fresh air out of Dhaka....
How about one day boat trip?
The tour is to drive 1 hour from Dhaka, spend slow time on the boat, visit nearby village and come back.
Good refreshment for weekend.
Let's me share my experience of the boat trip with JABA tours.
We started from their office in Banani at 8am.
It is south east of Dhaka city.
After an hour drive(or even less), scenery changed totally.
From congested city to peaceful village.
Car pulled over to the side though I didn't find anything there.
But got off the car, there was river and a boat.
JABA tours owns a boat.
Very cozy.
Inside the boat, there is a small room with table and chair.
lf you want to lie down or sit in relax way, there is also place.(right side of the picture)

Of course, you can enjoy time on the deck.
Wind feels good!
As boat started, tea and cookies were served.
Tea time on the deck.
I was in Dhaka city just an hour ago, but now on the boat seeing rural scenery!
Dhaka is quite a small city.

There is not much thing to do on the boat, so just seeing scenery.

Children playing besides river, women washing clothes, men taking care of cows....looking people's life from deck.
Children wove their hands, so I wove back.
"ভাল আছো!?(How are you in casual way)"

However, I was too much tired due to lack of sleep on that day.
So I went inside cabin, lay down on the space I mentioned, and went to sleep.
It was short time, but I slept deeply.

Then, I got up when the boat stopped.
I was half asleep, but tour guide told to go for a walk.

We got off boat.
There are square papers all over the ground.
Guide told that the paper will be recycled to box for sweets e.t.c.
 Then, visited Hindu temple and school.
Take a look at village life.
It was a formal village.
For me, it is one of the normal villages, but it seems very interesting for participants from Japan.
But even though I say normal village, it was very refreshing coming to rural area from Dhaka.

Then, we visited saree weaving village.
The sarees were just so beautiful!! 
How do they weave with design?
For my question, they showed design paper.
Can you believe!?
From this paper, the design came like picture below.
I wanted to get one, but it was too expensive.
Hand weaving can be 10,000 tk to 20,000tk, or more.

After visiting those places, came back to boat and had lunch.
Of course, curry.
Not spicy at all.....felt a bit strange after living in Bangladesh more than 2 years.
Maybe good for tourists.

Had lunch and took a rest, then it was already time to get off boat.
Other tourists went to next village for home stay, but I came back after the boat trip.

It was very short trip, but if you want to have fresh air in weekend, you can join the tour.
Ask details to JABA tours.

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