Dhansiri Restora

Where to enjoy Bengali food?
Especially when your friend visit you from abroad??

Dhansiri is Bengali food restaurant which is not local local to worry about hygiene, but not so expensive.
When I have guests from Japan, I used to take them here.

This time, I felt like to have curry....then came with my "curry friend".
When I meet with Japanese friend, we hardly go to Bengali food restaurant....but somehow, I often eat curry with her.

I visited after a long time....then found, it was moved to adjacent building.
The right one is old, and moved to the first floor of building on the left in above picture.Going up to stairs....
New place looks quite nice!
There are some foreigners and Bengali.
We wanted vegetables.
I especially wanted to have leaf curry called "shak".
She especially wanted to have bitter gourd curry called "korora baji".

Menu has variety kind of curry....but better ask staff as many of Bangladeshi restaurant show many in menu, but actually have few.

We asked staff if they have shak and korora baji.
He said no.

So let's see what they alternatively have.....

- Vegetable Bodta
- Plain Vegetable
- Vegetable Masala
- Vegetable curry

Here, question came.
What is the difference?  ---no idea.
Picture shows Sushi somehow....but this is menu for curry..
Anyway.....we ordered vegetable badta(100tk), Daar(80tk), and chicken curry(210tk).
Rice was served on a big plate.
What surprised us was that the "Bodta" included 1 kind of bodta and 2 kinds of vegetable curry on one plate. I was impressed with this idea....because this kind of "set menu" is not available in most of restaurant.
If you are foreigner, you might not know what to order. If restaurant has some menu "some kinds in one plate" type, it actually helps.
I also have to mention that the plate included shak(which I wanted) and korora baji(which my friend wanted)!
They could have told that they did have....but anyway, we finally got what we wanted.

Service was not really smooth....(like waiter brought water but not glasses), but you can try renewed Dhansiri. 

Dhansiri Restora
Address; Road 45, Plot 32A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212

TEL; 01196-287958

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