Intellectuals Martyr Monument

I walked around in Dhaka to give suggestion for new city map.
25 places are suggested as tourist sight.....so how are they like?

I visited Intellectuals Martyr Monument.
It is a monument to commemorate intellectuals who were massacred by Pakistani soldiers during independence war.

But what I found is house, cha dokan (tea store), house.....
And people......under the bus.

Everyone stared at me, again.
Suddenly, it appeared.
Oh, not bad!

Then, a boy ran to me, asking
"Are you a reporter??"
I answered
"Something like that"
Then he took off his shirt, and
"Take a picture!" 
It is a memorial place, but seems a play area for kids.
Kids talked to me, gave me a snack.
I ate it together, took picture, chatted.
It is sightseeing place where no tourist is.
But anyway, I enjoyed.

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