Cha Dokan

In Bangladesh, you will find "Cha Dokan (tea store)" EVERYWHERE.
In Japan, you will find convenience store everywhere, but Cha Dokan is 10 times more.
If there is space, there is Cha Dokan.
People have sweet milk tea with biscuits, banana, pancakes and so on.

75 years old chadokan owner

Cha dokan dokan dokan....
Cup is small.

milk tea in a small cup (6tk)
Even though I say "little little little sugar!",
it is still sweet because of condensed milk.
Even though I say "little sugar and little milk",
it is still sweet.......somehow.
But actually very good to have sweet tea after sweating a lot.

Except tea, snacks are available.

Looks crepe, cream inside. tastes like....Uiro.(7tk)

*Japanese sweet, Uiro.

Harder than expected!  (7tk)

It tastes as it looks, good. (7tk)
pancake, not much sweet (7tk)
A big Cookie (4tk)
Edge turned black......with ink from paper, no wonder! 
My favorite! (7tk)
I can't tell because ants ate during the night.....

People chat at Cha Dokan in the morning, daytime, evening.....and at night.
Join them?
For about 1$, you and 3 of your friends can have tea and a snack!

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