I bought a chi ken at bazaar.
Chi ken was alive.
So....how to buy and cook chicken here??
A man picked up a chicken, put it in the basket to measure weight.
"It is 220tk, OK?"
As I nodded....
He killed the chicken, put into the machine to skin it.
Basket to measure weight of chicken
I paid, took it.
The bag touched my arm, surprised me.
Of course, of course, it was warm because was alive a minute ago!

So......put it on the cutting board.
and now??
Head dropped when I took out from bag
I cut legs.
And......just turned and turned the checkin.....
I finally called my friend who works as a chef, and got instruction.

Chicken became meat....
After an hour, it became "meat" though my appetite was gone by then.

The chicken became Japanese food called "niku jaga".

Lunch box
Next day, I shared it with Bengali co-workers.
My counterpart said
But another said
"too sweet, I could have eaten if you use less sugar"
Oh, never imagined to be said "too sweet" by Bengali!

Anyway, I could cook chicken, I think.


  1. This had to be the freshest food ever, looks very delicious :-)

  2. Yes, as for freshness......the meat was the freshest I 've ever cooked!