Developing Homestay Program

Bangladesh tourism organization is promoting homestay program in village.
We went observation trip to some villages 2-3 hours from Dhaka.
As seeing paddy field and river from the car, 

We arrived at a village.

Going through path under green......

Found house!
Found well

Found children playing!
Besides the bridge, jute hung to dry

Besides the road, fodder to dry

Environment is good, but accommodation and facility are big concerns.
How do you think this room?
I think it's OK.

We also looked for activities for tourist.
It is play ground for sport club though totally seems farm.
You may play local game with kids. 
Or, experience jute processing?

School visit may be one option.

Children came out to see a foreigner!
Can you guess where is this?
This is a sweet shop.
We sat and tried some of sweets as offered.
I believed sweet is super sweet in Bangladesh, but not always in villages.
They use less sugar to save it.
I bought yogurt, and it tastes different! Yes, less sugar!
Bangladeshi co-worker told me what's special with stores in village.
"You will never find shop staff wearing no sleeve shirt and rungi" 

It was a full day trip.
I enjoyed very much seeing rural life and green.
Sky was beautiful......I didn't want to come back to Dhaka city.
As I hoped......
we couldn't get back until 10 pm because of traffic jam caused by an accident.


Getting back to Dhaka (unfortunately), now the time to think how to implement the tour.

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