Syhlet - Hotel (2) -

Sylhet hotel information 2, middle class hotels.

<Hotel Dallas>
As I visited, staff welcomed me, served drink, and talked.
Many Japanese use.
Middle class hotel with conference room must be convenient.
Bathroom seems clean.
Rooms looks good.
Except this strong color.
Is it only for me to think this purple is too much?
I don't like strong red, but......anyway.
It's the view from the hotel.
What's so special?
You can see jail inside which is impossible to see from outside because of high wall.
If you are eager to see jail, please stay at Hotel Dallas.

Hotel Dallas
Address :North Jail Road, Sylhet
Budget :1000tk~
Webpage :

<Hiltown Hotel>
Sounds like "Hilton", but "Hiltown".
There are rooms which looks normal.....
and new.
Newly constructed parts and old parts seems quite different.
Of course, costs is different.
Rooms are available from 300tk, but picture above is 1800tk.
Restaurants looks modern.
I advise you to check and see a room before you decide.

Hiltown Hotel
Address :Vip road, Taltola, Sylhet
budget :300tk~(AC/850tk~)
Webpage :http://hiltownhotel.wix.com/home

<Parjatan Motel>
I have to refer to Parjatan Motel which my office, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation manages.
It is located 7 km away from city near the airport.
(It costs only 15tk if you take auto-Rikishaw)

Pass by the first tea garden, climb a hill, then you will find.
There is small path which allows you stroll.
Monkeys will be found in the morning and evening.
(surely you will find, there is a lot!)
This is AC room.
A little inconvenient place, but it is nice to stay on the hill away from noise in city.
Ummm....but still is 2000tk(with AC) expensive?

Parjatan Motel
Budget :1300tk/2000tk(AC)
Webpage :http://www.parjatan.gov.bd/

The hotel wasn't easy to find because it is on the second floor of a building.
Reception, corridor and rooms seems clean and not darkish as maaany hotels and restaurants are in Bangladesh.
From bus or train station, cross a bridge, turn light.
You will find the hotel on the Council Complex's opposite side.
Address :Shahjalal Road, Sylhet
Budget :1450tk~1850tk

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