Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!
This is greeting for "Eid(Eid al-Fitr)", Islamic festival after Ramadan month.
August 8-19, 2013 were the holidays for Eid.
In Bangladesh, Muslims spend Eid holidays with their family, mostly in their home town.
(Therefore, there are less people in Dhaka, unusually!)
They buy new clothes, eat together, and chat.
In the day, I realized it was quieter than usual.
As I going out, found everything closed.
reminds me the morning of new year's day in Japan
Few cars and Rikshaw on the road!!
I am so sorry that I didn't take picture in usual days.

This picture is unbelievable, please be surprised.
They prepare sweet named "semai" for Eid morning.
As I walked, people greeted "Eid Mubarak", and called me to come in.
I ate shemai in several houses.

Brown color one is Semai. In the cup, milk semai

Even small girls wore make-up and new dress.
Painting on a girl right side is called "Henna", drawn by plant.
I also took a picture with my renter and his wife in new clothes.
But please give me a little more space.....!!
Festivals are found in many places.


But I spent the day to keep eating.
In the morning, I ate Semai.
I had lunch (Porao, chicken curry, e.t.c) in renter's home.
I had tea with them too, with Pita(baked cake made from rice), fruits and again semai.
I had dinner(Porao, chicken, beef and goat curry) with another Bengali's home.
The dinner was at 11p.m.
Surely, I took energy for 3 days in a day.

Eid is Muslim holiday.
However, I enjoyed the atmosphere, everyone wants to enjoy and eat together.

It will be inconvenient to travel this time because stores and transport are closed.
However, you will enjoy the air.
Just knock some one's door, and they will invite you to meal.

On August 11th, office opens.
I didn't fast, but what's this feeling of freedom?
Snack which I felt no need makes me happy!

I miss it!
Usual days are coming though there are still less poeple in Dhaka.
Ramadan and Eid were a big impact over the country!
How this Eid is important for Muslims, I got some idea, maybe.

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  1. It is a great observation. Thanks for sharing. I was travel to Kolkata by road on 15th August, the road was soo empty !!!! I was thinking if we want this then we will have no food! In this global situation we can not ignore jam or traffic.