Happy New Year, in Bangladesh

Happy New Year!
I spent the first New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Bangladesh.
December 31 nor January 1st isn't the special day in Bangladesh though young generation does count down these days, and some hotels have New Year's event.
I spent the 2 days with my sister who brought Soba for the Eve from Japan.
In Japan, December 31 is the day for a big cleaning.
We clean all the house for New Year.
Then, we have soba(Japanese noodle) for hoping long life(noodle is long).
December 31, 2013
I got up 4 p.m, so we had busy evening.
(I wasn't lazy.....was sick.)
We went to market to get shrimp for "Tempra" to top on soba.
See these?
It was very good shrimps though it looks a bit scary.(300tk for 6 pieces)
We started cleaning from 8 p.m!
Prepared "Osechi"(New Year's meal) for tomorrow,
prepared Soba for the night.
We could finally sit down around 10:30 p.m with Soba & Tempura!!
Soba is available at super market.
So, Japanese style New Year's Eve is available in Bangladesh.
We enjoyed Soba, waited for 0:00.
"A Happy New Year!!"
January 1, 2014
There was no fancy New Year's meal, but we cooked Bangladeshi national fish, "Irish" instead of porgy.
The fish had to try hard to fit in the pan. 
But it turned out good.
We had also prepared
・Namasu (red and white color for celebration. Carrot and raddish are available every market this time)
・Kinton(made from sweet potato and apple)
We planned to cook a little more, but didn't because our stomach wasn't in good condition.
Of course, we didn't miss mandarin orange which is necessary for winter in Japan. 
My New Year's Eve and Day turned out to be like New Year's Eve and the Day.
I will spend whole 2014 in Bangladesh.
Hoping I can deliver interesting stories for you in and out of the country!


  1. Happy new year dear Shiori. I hope everything is fine and well. Greetings from Berlin :)

  2. Sorry, I haven't noticed your comments.
    Thank you for New Year's greeting. I hope the great year for you, too!