Hotel Information -Dhaka-

Travel to Dhaka, and where to stay?
Main tourist attractions are in south of the city, but fancy restaurant or cafe, shopping area, and airport are in north.
Cheap guesthouses are availabe in southern area, but few in north.
My house is located in Northern area, but I will tell you some budget hotel information since I can't accomodate all of you.
<Hotel Amir>
The hotel is located in Nodda(near Balidhara) along the road from the airport to the city.
It is a little hard to find....

 Can you see?
Room is......how can I discribe?
Hot water isn't available.
Don't worry, you won't freeze to death.
Considering location and price, it's a choice.
Hotel Amir
Address:Progoti Sarani (Nodda Bus Stand), Baridhara, Gulshan
Budget:SG-500tk, TW-1000tk/1200tk

<Hotel Al-Falah International>
The hotel is in walking distance from Hotel Amir.
It is closer to airport.
Room is simple, but looks clearn.
Again, hot water isn't available, but I believe it's not what you are looking for.
Hotel Al-Falah International
Address:Ka-225, Sayeed Complex, Kuril Bishowroad Progoti Sarani, Batara
Budget:SG-400tk, DW-1,000tk/2,000tk(AC), TW-1,500tk, 4Bed-2,000tk
<Regent Guest House>
Then, next is hotels in Banani area.
In this fancy area, room quality and rate are higher. 
AC room with fridge, hot shower, Wifi, and breakfast included.  

Regent Guest House
Address:House#100, Road#13/C, Block#E, Banani
TEL:0288-12850, 0298-96978
Budget:SG-2,000tk, TW-2,500tk

<Sky Park Guest House>
This hotel is in Banani as well.
You will get Wifi and hot water, too.

My friends stayed there, and they said room was good.
However, they didn't get hot water in some days....so, "Inshallah".

Sky Park Guest House
Address:House#65, Road#15, Block#D, Banani
TEL:02-9899894, 8940310

Accomodation in Dhaka is not cheap comparing with village and considering other prices.
If you want to get lower price, stay in Southern area.
If you want to get higher price?
Plenty of choices in Gulshan & Banani area!


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