I was spending lazy day......then, came up with going to cafe with my laptop.
Let's do some work with a piece of cake & a cup of coffee.

Poplar is in Gulshan 2, opposite of Westin hotel.
At first, it seemed like bakery.
There were many kinds of bread. Quite similar with Japanese bakery.
One piece is around 100tk.

Lovely cakes!

I haven't seen these kinds of cakes for a while. (I used to in Japan!)
Then, inside is cafe.
I ordered baked cheese cake and coffee.
It wasn't too sweet and tart was crispy.
Coffee is ok.......but I was impressed they served hot milk with coffee.
Each of cake & coffee was 200tk(+VAT15%+Service Charge2%).

Wifi is available.
You can have relax time or work with your PC.
(I didn't work much as a result, but at least finished this blog!)

PoplarAddress:#203(2nd floor), 138 Gulshan Ave. Gulshan-2, Dhaka

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