Hazi Biriany

There are many famous food in Old Dhaka, and one of them is Biriyani.
Among many Biriyani restaurants, "Hazi Biriany" is the famous one.
All Rikshaw pullers also know the restaurant.
I just told a Rikshaw "Hazi Biriany", and he took me there.
It was a road side store where many Rikshaw made line.(and stuck)
So, can you recognize which is the restaurant?

In the front, a guy is sitting with a huge pot.
Let me say again, it is the famous restaurant everyone knows.
If you don't know (or even if you know), you may pass the store without noticing.
It was between lunch and dinner time, so there was no one.
Menu is very simple.
-Special  160tk
-Normal  140tk
-Half        80tk

Difference is amount.
They only serve mutton Biriyani.
Here you are!
Biriyani in leaf cup.
It is actually for taking out, but I asked to serve it with leaf cup for picture. 
In old time, there wasn't good plate so people use rind of Jack fruit instead of plate.
This leaf cup reminds the old style.

There are a lot of packets and leaf cups on the shelf.
Oh, I forget to mention to the taste!
Though I haven't had enough biriyani in my life to tell about it, but it was good.
Very mild.
Maybe because of ghee(butter made from milk), it has rich taste.
If you have chance to visit Old Dhaka, try one of traditional Biriyani.
Hazi Biriany
Address: 30/1, Kazi Alauddin Road(Najira Bazaar Chourasta), Dhaka
Tel: 01911233155
Opening Hour: 12pm-11pm


  1. Hi its not end here..You have many more Briani like Fokruddin Braini,Mama Briani, Kosturi Briani and many more..Visit us on www.bangladeshecotourism.com.
    We welcome to join us in Dhaka Food Tour..

    1. Right, I have been to Fokruddin, Kosturi, Nana Biriyani....will update when I get chance to visit again.
      and Thank you for sharing your information.