Honey Month

What is incredible in Bangladesh?
Definitely, fruits is one of them.

May and June are called "HONEY MONTH".
You will find lots of fruits on the street.

Streets are filled with Lithcheesssss
Litchee is only available in short period in June.
After 2 weeks, it will be gone.
you have to EAT EVERYDAY during this 2 weeks.

Then, Mango.

Mango Mango........

Mango Mango Mango.........
More Mango.....
Many kinds of Mangos come one after another!
Mango which comes gets bigger and bigger.

What else?
Jack fruits.
Banana is available through the year.

He sells me banana from 1pc.
Bangladesh is heaven to eat fruits!
Eat a lot of fruits when you come to Bangladesh.
Or, come to Bangladesh to eat fruits. 

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