Chittagong(1) -City-

After 1,5 years........I finally made trip to Chittagong and Cox's bazaar.
I haven't updated this blog much these days, but will tell about my trip.
I flu from Dhaka to Chittagong.
The airport has international/domestic flights.
However, the problem is distance from the city.
It costs around 300tk by CNG, but there is no direct bus.
If you want to take local transportation, it will be a little difficult.
It happens all over the country......Bangladeshi people are so kind and try to help me.....though they don't have right information.
"After you arrive at the city, take #11 bus"
So I got on and.....
"Are you going to go to railway station? It doesn't go. Change to #10 bus"
So I got off and.....
"Railway station? Then, take #6"
OK, I understand their kindness......but please give me right information!

However when I changed buses, I found a dried fish market by accident.
Chittagong is the city beside sea!
So anyway.....I reached where I wanted to go.(though it took time)
I will introduce some places in Cittagong city.

Ar first, DC hill.
My co-worker recommended to visit there.
It is a park on the hill.
Boys were playing soccer, and beside them cows were eating grasses.
There were people selling tea or fried beans.
Could it be a tourist spot?

.....Actually the park is just a park where local people spare time.

You can still find something interesting like people taking a nap.
Stay there for 20 minutes, you bet find something interesting.
If you like to observe people, it is one of the places to go.

Second, mosque in the city.
I didn't realize it was mosque at first sight.
It was beautiful with blue sky.
Located in Wasa mor, walking distance from GEC mor.

At last, Sadarghat.
There is a port in Southern part of the city.

I took a boat to opposite shore to visit dockyard.
Narrow pass continues along high wall.
I looked into a door opened.....then found a dockyard.
Is the ship under construction or destruction?
Answer was under repair.

I could also see place where parts of ships were processed.
This is handle of ship!

Rail to carry ship to ocean.
(There must be name for this rail, but I don't know neither in Japanese nor English)
You will not get much chance to see dockyard, so it will be interesting.
However, women may not be allowed to go inside for some reasons.
(They said women were not allowed, and then said would be allowed if man accompanied, and then finally led me in because I was a foreigner!)
I was lucky.

I will introduce restaurant and hotel in Chittagong next.

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