Source (by Prokritee)

This time I introduce a gift shop which a fair trade Bangladesh handicrafts organization, Prokritee operates.
The name of gift shop is "Source".
Prokritee means "nature" in Bengali.
They manages 8 Handicraft Enterprises and help mainly village women to sell their products.
Especially famous for papers.
A paper costs 35-50tk.
These papers are so beautiful.

Besides papers, there are notebooks which were made of colorful papers.
Gift cards are also plenty.

The one I got for 50tk.
The baby chick was telling me to bring her with me.
Body is made of Bangla newspaper.
Bangladeshi people seem to think using newpaper isn't beautiful, but it is very good design and interesting for foreigner. 

Fabrics are also famous at Prokritee.
Batik costs around 250tk/gose(=36in/3ft).
Simple fabric costs 140-150tk./gose.

I didn't know much about fabrics, but this is Batik.

There are 3 pieces and sarees.
Sarree is 1500-3000tk.
Not so cheap, but I like design.

Except paper and fabrics, there are candles, "nokushi", soap, and many kinds of handicrafts.

When I visited there, I was supposed to get gift for a friend.
Scarf, bag, and a card.  
Then, wrapped with a paper.
Doesn't it look lovely?
I often have problem where to find gift and suvenior.
Source is one of the places you can visit.

Address : #1/1, Asad Gate Road, Block-A, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Tel : 9119135,9116461
Mail : source@prokritee.com
Webpage : http://www.prokritee.com/

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