Nehari & Labbra

Almost 1.5 years have passed since I came to Bangladesh.
(Scary to know how fast time passes!)
However, there are still so many things I don't know and have never tried.

I introduce the new dishes I had recently.
One is "Nehari".
This is stew with slow cooked beef or goat, usually served with bone marrow/brain.
The one I had was curry taste, but there is mild taste soup without spices as I heard.
It is full of collagen.
(I thought I don't like collagen types of stuff, but it was good. I liked it.)

Nehari is usually for breakfast and served with naan/parata.
I had it as breakfast(but somehow it was almost noon) at a typical Bengali restaurant along Bishwa road.
Nehari is not available for every store, but they had it.
It is more popular in Old Dhaka.
Umm.....many many kinds of food come from Old Dhaka!

One more thing I had these days is "labbra".
This is one kind of curry using vegetables which is not ripen.
There is no rule which vegetable has to be used...e.t.c.
You will not find Labbra at restaurant because it is cooked at home.
I think people use vegetables whatever they have.
Then cut everything, mix, fry, and make curry.

Meat and fish are considered as rich food in Bangladesh though I like vegetables.
When Bangladeshi people invite me, they often prepare meat and meat....or fish.
I don't usually get chance to have much vegetables at Bangladeshi's house.
However I had Labbra at kitchen of Hotel Abakash(Parjatan restaurant) when a chef invited me for lunch.
Curry was oily as usual, but many kinds of vegetables tasted very good.
(When it is fried, heads of Hilsa fish were cooked together to give scent)
For the chef, this Labbra didn't seem rich dish, but I liked it very much.

It seems still long way to explore Bangladesh.
I will write if I find anything new again.

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