Jamuna Future Park (2)

(belated) Eid Mubarak!
It has been almost a month since I updated blog last time.
In July, I was a bit busy breaking my foot's finger, getting sick....e.t.c.
When I realized, July has gone!
By Eid holidays in the end of July, I was almost alright.
I will tell some about Jamuna Future Park during Eid holiday.
I wrote about food court and bowling before, but about amusement park this time.
*previous article on Jamuna Future Park is below
Jamuna Future Park (1)
On the Eid day, it was colorful with people wearing nice new dresses.
Except food court everything was closed, but people went inside......sat here and there, took picture here and there.......seemed enjoying. 

Entrance fee for this small amusemsnt park is 50tk.
Each ride costs 150tk~400tk.
I thought it would never be operated, but it was.
This also.

What I found interesting is people around there.
When staff was preparing to operate rides, people stopped and waited for it to start. 
 Then, watching......


And, taking pictures.
I didn't have enough energy to get on rides......
But if you have wondered whether these are operated or not.....these are.
Let's try.

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