Iranian restaurant in Bangladesh....
I wanted to visit the restaurant for a long time (and didn't get chance) since my friend recommended.

The restaurant's name is 'Caspian'.
It is located between Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2, 4th floor of the building whose first floor has Agora(supermarket).

There was no one when we entered.
I said...
"No one??"
Staff said
"It is still 6pm, people will come after 8pm".
But we only found one couple by 9pm.
Good for us, but can they run......????

The main dish in this restaurant is Kabab.
There are many kinds of kabab......but we weren't sure what was what.

So, we opened the page of "Caspian special", and ordered "Caspian kabab for 2 people".
You can choose 3 items from chicken, mutton, beef and fish.
Our choice was chicken, beef and fish.
(Most of Japanese don't choose mutton.....including us)
3 types of rice and 2 types of sauce were served together.
Saffron rice, butter rice, and....butter rice with raisins and nut.
Rice was Basmati rice which is quite different from Bangladeshi rice.
Basmati comes from the word in Sanskrit which means "fragrant".

One sauce is tomato based, and another is yogurt based.
Beef with tomato and fish with yogurt sauce was good!
I liked fish the most, but chicken was incredibly soft!
I also liked baked tomato put besides meat.
1,800tk+VAT(5%)+Service Charge for 2 people.

It was actually too much amount for 2 girls, so if you don't eat much, it may be better to order kabab for 1 person and some side dishes.
I found hummus in menu, so would like to try it next....(I love hummus!!)

If your mood is not curry, Chinese, or Korean....why don't you try Iranian?

Address:RM Centre(4th floor), 101 Gulshan Ave. Dhaka

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