Joy! Restaurant (in Savar)

Have you ever been to National Memorial in Savar?
Joy Restaurant which Parjatan Corporation operates is opposite side of the road of National Memorial.
One of my best co-workers was transferred to Joy Restaurant, and he kept telling me to visit there.
2 hours journey from Dhaka........I was too lazy to spend 4 hours on the bus in weekend.
However December 16th, on the Victory day, I finally visited there.
It was crowded, especially people who visited National memorial on Victory day.
My co-worker Mr. Parvez is very confident of all the improvement he has done such as quality of food and decorations....
One thing I was impressed is that he created special set menu for the Victory day.
We foreigner often don't have idea what to order.
Set menu makes us to decide easier.
For example Bengal New Year, they will serve special menu, too.

Here is regular menu.
Biriyani.(Bangladeshi chicken-250tk)

Mixed vegetable curry.(50tk)
Beef Curry.(230tk+rice 60tk)
Chicken.(220tk/Bangladeshi chicken)
I don't have picture, but daar of Partajan's restaurant is one of my favarite menus.
Please try if you go there.

Here is my co-worker, Mr. Parvez.

If you have any opinion, please talk to him!
Joy! Restaurant
Address : Joy! Restaurant, Savar(just opposite to National Memorial)
Tel : 880-2-7791971

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