Charcoal Steak House

Steak, BBQ.....
You may sometimes feel like to eat meat.
Then, visit Stake House.
It moved from Gulshan 2 to Gulshan 1.
From Gulshan 1 circle, walk to south(to Niketon) and turn left at the second street.
Fancy interior.
Bread is served complementary at first.
Main menu is steak, of course.
Decide fish/meat, and choose 2 side dishes from following choices.

- Fried rice
- Vegetable
- Mashed Potato
- Fried potato- Jacket Potato (baked potato with sour cream)
- Lyonnais Potato (baked potato with fried onion)

Potato and potato and potato!!

This is Teriyaki Chicken(1310tk+Service Charge 10%+VAT15%).
Sirloin Steak(1500tk+Tax).
Meat was so soft that I even didn't have to cut by knife.

We also ordered appetizer.
Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad(480tk+Tax).
It was also good though I wanted more amount!
There is some more space for cheese and tomato on the dish.....isn't it?

Service wasn't the best as a restaurant which charges service charge, but food and atmosphere was nice.
If your mood is steak and potato, let's try.

<Charcoal Steak House>
Address: House#3/B, Road136, Gulshan1, Dhaka
Tel: 02-984-0033
E-mail: charcoalbd@gmail.com


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