Ratha Mela

July 10th, I went to Dhamrai to see Hindi festival, "Ratha Mela".
Dhamrai is located 40 km away from Dhaka.

So, how to go?
A ticket seller told me to go via Mohakali.
I went to next ticket counter, but a staff said to go via Gabtali.
I bought a ticket to Gabtali, and other man said Mohakali, exchanged the ticket with the one to Mohakali.
So, I got off Mohakali, asked where the bus to Dhamurai.
Then, people told me to go to Gabtali.

Another man took me to wrong bus, so I got off on the way.
I took another bus which was wrong.
So, I took one more bus, and finally got to Gabtali.

Let's go to Dhamurai!
Bus started.
After an hour, gradually slowed down....


I got to Dhamurai 4 hours after I started from home.

People were preparing for festival.
Isn't their face a little scary?
A big float appeared.

There are many Hindi, so atmosphere is a little different.
At Hindi temple, a Bengali letter was found.
The letter means "GOD".
People came to me, painted for a seconds!
Enjoying festival, but.......when will the float go on the parade?
"Sun set time"
........it was 1pm, and I had meeting at 7pm.

Before I forced myself to take bus back to Dhaka, I visited nearby area famous for clay pot making.
I see this pot every day!!
It's for yogurt.
There is stair to underground where people make fire there.
When I said I want to see the factory, kids took me here, and the family showed their work.
I enjoyed.

If you just want to take a look at Ratha Mela, you will find in Dhaka city, too.
A float starts from Motijheel to Dhakeshwari Temple.
It will be smaller, but may be better access.
I will catch it next year!!

So, today's lesson.
Correct information from someone who surely knows.
Be ready for unexpected occasion.
What's more, enjoy unexpected occasion.

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