Grameen UNIQLO

Japanese popular clothing store, UNIQLO opened as
Grameen UNIQLO in Bangladesh on July 5th.
The new was widely picked up by media in Japan.
2 stores in Dhaka in"New Elephant Road" and "Banasree".

I visited the day a store in Banasree in opening day.
Found store,
I felt the store was small because I used to see big stores in Japan.
But inside was crowded.

There are even "Panjabi", Bangladesh cloth for men!
Panjabi at UNIQLO......interesting.
I want to get one as souvenir......but what to do with it?

Staffs speak fine English, and I can tell UNIQLO cares service to customers.
Yes, "service" is important.
In Japan, things are expensive, but you will get good service for free.

The price isn't high, but not really low thinking of prices in Bangladesh.
Price range 190tk-1190tk.
I didn't mean to buy, but .....

I also got an amenity bag, accidentally both black...
T-shirt for 350tk.

It is actually for men, but I got small size because I like the design.

By the way........
I like this paper bag.
Because, the handle is long.
Or let me say, the handle is NORMAL.
 Somehow.....the handle in Bangladesh is often too short.
Products for women are limited, but quality is good, I can say.
Take a look at talked-about store, Grameen UNIQLO if you come to Dhaka.

Grameen UNIQLO
New Elephant Road
First Floor,
234/2, New Elephant Road (Dr. Kudrat E Khuda Road), Dhaka
Ground Floor,
41/8 Block C, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka

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