July11, 2013.
Roja(Ramadan in Bengali) started.
Every year, the date is different because of phases of the moon.
Muslims don't eat and drink during the day for about a month.
Anything shouldn't be taken into your body.....so avoid even injection or eye lotion.
(Of course, there is exception though)
Nearly 90% of population is Muslim in Bangladesh, so how will the life be?

I was worried if I couldn't get any food for lunch.
I must be seen so worried that my friend gave me bread for the first day of Roja.

Some opens.
Some closes.
Some seems closing.

Menu might be limited, but many of restaurant run.
Restaurants are covered with curtain.
Office hour is shorten from 9-17, to 9-15:30.
People harry home, and wait for Azan that tells sunset.
Hearing Azan, they eat together the meal called "Iftar".
All of family eat together on the floor.
I was invited the renter's house for Iftar. 
He said the more people eat together, the more delicious.

The menu was...
・Mango juice
・Fruits salad
・Fried onion
・Fried mushed potato
・Harim(like soup curry)
・Misuti(sweet, which is very sweet) 

This one pot costs 500tk, as the renter said

A little aggressive for empty stomach?

From the evening, Iftar food are sold on the street,
 And at restaurant.
Many restaurants also offer "Iftar Buffet".
Many fried stuff.....

"Chola" it is sweet.

One day, I was at the market just before Azan.
Shop staff started preparing Ifter on the narrow path.
 They invited me, so I joined.
Chawak Bazar in Old Dhaka city is famous for Ifter food.
It must be interesting to see around the city during Roja, and people may offer you Ifter to enjoy together.

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