Syhlet - transportation-

I went outside of Dhaka for the first time, to Syhlet.

4 nights 5 days, and what did I do?
Mainly stayed in hotel.
Besides, stayed in friend's home....due to Hartal for 4 days in a raw.
Still, I could introduce the trip to go and come.

I used night train to go.
I left home earlier, being worried traffic jam.....then got to the station 2 hours earlier!
I walked ON the rail lines,
Talked with people,
Was looked by people.....e.t.c.
Ohhh, why does he want to talk on phone on the rail, train is coming!!
The room was fine though blanket was teared.
I could sleep well.
Not sure if you could as well because I usually could sleep anywhere.

It cost 1068tk from Dhaka to Syhlet.
Ticket will be sold 9 days before your trip, but it is a little difficult to get cabin.
You can reserve online as well.

Train station in Syhlet

Then, the day back to Dhaka.(skipped a lot!)
I used airplane.

Though a cow was walking along the way to Osmani Airport,
Airport was clean and comfortable.
See this rest room!
There is even a drier!
I flu with United Airways.
I bought ticket at tourism fair, so it costed 3000tk from Syhlet to Dhaka.
Plane took off at 14:15 as scheduled. 
Snacks were servied, but no one ate because of Ramadan.
Ummm......only if the juice was cold!
 Within an hour, buildings of Dhaka city came to eye sight. 
I feel sorry to back the crowded city, but I will definitely go to Syhlet again.
Next, hotel information in Syhlet will come.

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